Types of Engagement Rings

The engagement ring is the dream and passion of every future bride, a pledge of love and the promise of a happy future together.

Types of Engagement Rings

It ‘s definitely one of the most precious jewels, often handed down from generation to generation, a tangible sign of ‘love that since 1477 has give it tradition with a diamond, the famous solitaire. Among the best for this year 2016, we find engagement rings in platinum or diamonds, crowns, white gold or paved with diamonds, those unattainable dream, the more expensive, up to those accessible for a marriage proposal ever fairytale.

Celebrity engagement rings

Among engagement rings dream, unattainable, we find mainly engagement rings of Hollywood stars, which are worth millions and millions of dollars. Diamond of 5 carats what Johnny Depp gave to Amber Heard, Eva Longoria shows off its 6.8-carat ring, Kim Kardashian 15 carats, while Beyonce super luxury 18 carats with a value of about $ 10 million and then there is that of Beatrice Borromeo wife of prince of Monaco Pierre Casiraghi, which remains a mystery.

Celebrity engagement rings

Expensive engagement rings

If tradition holds that a good marriage proposal arrives with a sparkling engagement ring, then here is a good reason to make up for the eyes or to give advice to your him. These rings are truly a unique masterpiece, expensive (unfortunately), but to make you dream!

-Solitario Destinee: platinum ring, embellished with beautiful diamonds. Cartier (price on request)
-Hiroko: ring in white gold and diamonds. Mattioli Jewellery (price on request)
-Sabbia: rose gold ring with pave rose gold and rhodium diamonds (3.5 carats). Pomellato € 4,290
-Fedina: mounted jaws with half circle of round brilliant diamonds in platinum. Tiffany & Co. €4,600
-Diamonds dots: white gold ring with diamonds irregularly shaped. Delfina Delettrez €3,350
– Vendome: when the geometry invents the rigor of the flexible mesh flattened, white gold, combined with diamonds. Fobe (price on request)

Expensive engagement rings

Affordable engagement rings

Did you know that a woman, in life, look at her engagement ring more than a million times?

And so after giving a glance at those super deluxe, it is the turn of those “low cost”, but for low cost does not mean those below 500 Euros, because even though accessible to all, the engagement ring must have still a value addition to the affective.

-Caterina: White gold ring with diamond. Recarlo € about 650
-Monogram LV: faith in yellow gold, embellished with a decor inspired by the Louis Vuitton Monogram pattern and the geometric grid. Louis Vuitton €820 -Damiani offers the opportunity to create your own engagement ring, choosing from the endless combinations of frame, carat, color and clarity, in order to create a unique and exclusive solitary. Damiani from €1370 -Anello Naked: rose gold ring with a bezel in white gold and faceted white topaz. Pomellato €1300 -Black Jade: vintage style ring, 18kt rose gold with white quartz twice and rebuilt green agate.Roberto Coin € 887 -For ever pavé: platinum ring studded with 18 sparkling diamonds and a beautiful diamond round cut 0.30 carat. Chopard (price on request)

Affordable engagement rings

Tips for Men on Choosing Engagement Ring

The time has come: after sharing many moments, like to ask your girlfriend to pass the rest of his life by your side. What a thrill! As you know, this request is not anything, so the ring that you use to perform should not be chosen lightly. You say that you should keep in mind when purchasing it.

Visit Various Jewelries

Settle for visiting a single jewelry: runs through several, look at many options, asking prices, and, above all, get all the questions you need. Don’t stay with a single doubt!

Be Sure To Choose A Trusted Jeweler

You are looking for a good reputation or some family jeweler shop. Be sure that to be treated with kindness and are willing to answer all your questions… for more “basic” that appear. Sure your jeweler to certify your jewelry. You must surrender a certificate from any of these international agencies.

Choose A Trusted Jeweler

Select A Piece According To Your Tastes

Perhaps a huge Diamond is the smarter choice, but really likes ostentatious jewels? Think of your personality: if it is simple, if you love fashion, whether it is modern, classical, alternative… Looking for a small ring for a simple and active girl, one tall and big for a more elegant, perhaps one with color and a stone that is not (for example, turquoise or Sapphire) diamond for a more daring.And don’t forget the size of his hand when choosing!

Ask For Help From Her Friends, Sisters And Mother

No doubt, close to her women are who better can tell you what your tastes. One option is that her friends take it one day at a mall, and under any pretext, made to see jewelry for his opinion.However, if they do it well you risk that you suspect your intentions.

If You Are Not Sure Of The Size, Choose A Simple Ring

If you buy a ring inlaid in the ring, then it will be more difficult to adjust its size. If you think that it could be big or chico, prefer a simple, with a stone over. The adjustment may last from one to three weeks.

A Simple Ring

Choose A Temporary Ring And Choose The Final With Her

Many women prefer to choose your own engagement ring. If you think that this could be the case but you want instantly is still magical, asks in jewelry that you are given one provisional and then change it by which will always remain.

Do Human Rights Concern Your Girl?

Make sure that when you buy your ring you deliver a certificate that clarifies that it wasproduced under ethical conditions and one hundred percent legal. A company that produces ethical rings is Brilliant Earth.

Secure It

Ask your insurance agent you can ensure your jewelry. Part of your heritage, protect it as much as you can!