Trends for Autumn: Flies from Wood

Sometimes you can not see the forest in front of the trees.One marches through life and eventually everything is routine and slap, already one looks really nice things.You should always keep your eyes open, because these things are not always right in front of you, no, not always at the edge of the road.They surround us and we simply do not perceive them.So also with materials to which we assign certain characteristics.As with wood.From this one makes furniture, picture frames, idyllic huts in the mountains.And now and then also jewelery and accessories.Exactly the same, which you can now get with us: flies and cufflinks made of wood.Flies of wood, why has not nobody come up?

1. What is a wood fly?

Actually this is already done by itself. A wood fly is a fly, which consists not of a textile material, but of wood. It is made of different woods, for example from oak and beech wood. Wooden flies, which you get on in a nice selection, have emerged in loving hand work and give off a really special accessory.
The centerpiece of the fly is matched to the color of the wood, ranging from classic colors to modern trend patterns. It is made of different materials, as well as the elastic band, with which you can easily fix the wooden fly.
On you get your wooden flies by the way for big as well as for small men.For we all know how sons like to emulate their father.With a wooden bow, they can both live their own style.

2. Gifts for men: flies made of wood

Woodflies are a gift idea that you have not seen so often (if at all). Because it is not always easy to find something suitable for men.
With a wooden fly you can possibly also convince men of a fly, which so far regarded such an accessory as a little dusty.They can be both classic and modern.With surprising colors and patterns they form a highlight, which stands for every man.Wood is a living material that is perfect for autumn.So men, let’s start a trend together:Autumn 2014 belongs to the wood fly.Bring them to your own wedding, as a goodyear, at birthdays, to very special dates or simply whenever you think it fits.You will soon realize who owns a wood fly will want to expand its collection.For every occasion the right wood fly?Nothing easier than that!

Holzfliegen at are sustainable accessories that are made by hand.And with a natural varnish, so that you can enjoy them for a long time.We recommend you to keep them in one of the wooden boxes you get with us.Makes a great deal of visibility and protects your wood fly.And to give your look a crowning finish, we also have wooden cufflinks in the assortment.It does not get any better, does it? Tell us through