Trendfrisur Pixie Cut

Celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, Pamela Anderson and Jennifer Hudson dared to exchange their long mane for a sassy pixie cut.The time, in which long hair as a symbol of femininity stood, are passé.Now it is courage for brevity!

1. Who is the Pixie Cut?

The word “pixie” comes from the English and means “fairy”, “elf” or “goblin”, and indicates that this cut is above all women with delicate and narrow facial features. Because with this ultrakurzen look, the hair around the head is shortened to about 5 centimeters and cut fringed. The special thing about the Pixie Cut is the slightly longer coat hair, which is styled from back to front as a pony. The neck and ears are left blank in the classic Pixie Cut.
For this cut, however, there are many variations depending on the extravagance and length of the coat. Stars such as Rhianna and Miley Cyrus wear, for example, the trendy Pixie Cut combined with an undercut.
With this radical cut, however, one must be aware that the brevity of one’s own facial expressions is brought to the center.Woman can no longer hide behind her long curls.For this reason, this hairstyle is best shown with a clear chin line and a high forehead.Women with very distinctive and coarse facial features should prefer to keep their fingers off this trend since the cut can quickly look masculine.

The androgynous look in the 1960s by Mia Farrow in her film “Rosemary’s Baby” and in the 80s by the top model Linda Evangelista became known. The Pixie Cut is more popular than ever.

2. How can I style the Pixie Cut?

2.1 The glamorous feminine look

The cheeky short haircut can quickly look too masculine and unfathomable for the wrong styling.For this reason, you should take some tips if you want to look feminine in your appearance despite the androgynous hair style.

Since your face is pushed into the focus by the brevity of the hair, you should always think of a good make-up!Try to give your face a blush contour to optimize your face shape.With this cut woman can take a little deeper into her make-up – for example with a perfect kiss mouth in trendy berry tones!

The most important thing, however, is the choice of your accessories !The Pixie Cut makes an excellent canvas to present jewelry.In order to counteract the slightly masculine cut, you can use large and sophisticated jewelry .Great striking earrings come out particularly well and give you a glamorous appearance.Even large chains fit perfectly, because the lack of hair length, the focus is directly directed to the cleavage.

2.2 The masculine look

Especially in this autumn/winter the fashion again tends to oversized coats and androgynous cuts.The Pixie Cut underlines this herbe statement with his cut.Combines the best sweaters and jackets in an Oversize look.Being masculine does not necessarily mean that you have to do without jewelery.Especially strap rings made of stainless steel or derbe leather bracelets can underline your look!

And how do you like the Pixie Cut?Do you dare?