Trend Color Camel

1. How do I combine the fashionable Camel look?

Whether intense in caramel or in delicate beige tones – Camel is the new trend color in winter and finally puts its righteous image.For a long time Camel was considered to be the color of simple elegance and you often did not know how to combine this color with everyday life so as not to get a pithy look.But now everything is allowed:shoes, watches , bags and jewelery .Everything in the trendy beige tone.Together with gray and black, Camel becomes cool and casual.

For a rock-cool look, combine a sweater in an intense camel tone with a black tube jean and eye-catching bracelets as well as earrings in gold.Gold tones blend perfectly with this color and give your outfit the right glow.But also classics like the trench coat or the Pencilksirt can be combined to a cool outfit.Pay attention to sophisticated accessories or casual elements such as rivets and flat boots.

For this winter, Camel also joins the color gray.For example, choose a beige dress, a coat in a slightly darker beige nuance, plus pumps and a bag in a light gray.Be careful when you wear several parts in camel tones, that they always differ in their tone, because you give your outfit structure and vitality.

However, not only gray fits perfectly to the new trend color, but also rose and apricot tones.Combined, for example, to a skirt in a rich apricot a sweater in the dark caramel tone and a beige trench coat.

2. What jewelry and accessories can I wear to this look?

When selecting your accessories and your jewelery, you must carefully consider and consider, because not every piece of jewelry fits perfectly with Camel.Thanks to its warm colors in all its nuances, gold tones are best suited for jewelery and accessories.Golden earrings and a subtle gold necklace harmonize with every outfit in Camel.If, however, you trust yourself to more color, then accessories and jewelery in a bright red look wonderful as a highlight to your look.Watches and eyeglasses in beige tones can also be combined to your outfit.

For the rocking variant in Camel also wonderful leather bracelets with rivets or large striking statement chains in gold are suitable.