Tip for Earrings for Sensitive Ears

In today’s article, I would like to share with you a small discovery, and my friend made ​​purchases at today. Veronika had not tolerate earrings of any material, whether gold, silver, platinum or even surgical steel in her ears does not do well, so these jewels actually can not wear. When she discovered that the ear holes sit down with nothing at all, he focused on clips. But they usually quite otlačují ears and so it was not too pleasant. Until today, she managed to find a lot of interesting earrings ear and mind in addition nicely adorned hair.

Clip-on earrings

Does it bother you too itchy ears or redness after the deployment of any earrings? Then you might be the next option interesting. I’ll be glad when I write in the comments if you have something you know, or you wear, because I confessed that I myself yet know about similar earrings. And what is it therefore? Earrings, which we found not include a classic holes of the ear, nor nepřipíná as a clip, but it attaches to the middle part of the ear lobe, where the soft metal fingers compressed and earrings and hold in place.

Earrings jewelry I am

Earrings with feathers, which you see here is the chain of jewelry I am, so it would probably be to come by in various shopping centers throughout the country. But I do not think it will be up to such a rarity, so you will definitely like jewelry available elsewhere, but I have not heard much yet. Earrings itself looks nice especially in conjunction with hair, feathers from which peep. A possible drawback could be her loss easier, because he still has not adhered to ear as tight as classic earrings. For the entire day, but Veronica did not cause any unpleasant reaction, so it is very satisfied with it, which is certainly a major. I therefore recommend that everyone with a similar problem to try something similar, earrings are very nice ornaments, so it was a pity them because of allergic reactions to surrender.