Tiffany T: A Modern Collection Signed By New Director Of Brand Design

The new collection is New York and Tiffany T is an icon of the new era. Amfitheatrof dedicated the collection to the largest cities in the world and people tuned arts and culture – where, in the end, creativity stimulates change.

“I wanted to create a symbol for modern life and your indefatigable energy that runs through New York, and that encourages art and culture around the world,” she says. “This is just the beginning of what I hope to achieve.”

Experienced in the manufacture of jewelry, Amfitheatrof found your essence in designs inspired by innovation that all Scouts are looking for, and in the purity and lightness of Tiffany design. His work was also influenced by the spirit of American design, which thrives through a bold approach to established traditions. These influences were translated into strokes of genius, an abundance of innovative and natural movements, both in concept and in final piece in precious metal.

Tiffany’s artisans are the mounts of the angles and shiny curves of Amfitheatrof. Your skills with 18-carat gold – pink, yellow and white – and silver give Tiffany T the power of architecture with which she travels to chic simple. Bracelets and cufflinks monumental minimalist bypass the wrist perfectly. Multiple streams of varying sizes and elegant pendants drapeiam the lap. Easily stack rings and earrings move gently. In all, Tiffany T is a rich mixture of options divided into admirable of Visual sensuality.

Jewelers bring to light the best diamonds and precious stones from the beautiful beginning of Francesca Amfitheatrof as Tiffany’s design director. They are like the pillars of a “jewel city” growing in starry night, full of possibilities.

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