Tie The Bracelets!

Attention girls tuned on duty… get ready because this post will show a trend that is here to stay this summer: Friendship Bracelets!! Know? Surely it is now pulseirismo fashion (several colored bracelets used together, at once) came back with this name! In the European summer fashion turned fever among the fashionistas and, increasingly, has won powerful pulses.

Tie The Bracelets

The beauty of Friendship Bracelets is mix them with jewelry and watches, no matter the costume: formal or casual. Great guess too to give her friends, since giving this handmade bracelets originated from a tradition of the Indians of Central America, as a token of respect for the talents of friend manuals, needed to use the macramé piece until she falls. Interesting huh?!

DIY Friendship Bracelets

The Hunch of Luxury is in love with this fashion … including the bracelet “Shambala”, which comes from the Buddhist tradition and means: “place of peace, happiness, tranquility, where all its inhabitants are enlightened. The Shambala is made of diamonds and stones, that has your model inspired by thirds Buddhists, just as the precinho is inaccessible for most of us mortals, we give our way and carefully matching our pockets, hence choveeee creativity!