This Is the Most Coveted Gem in the World

Whether Pom-Pom shoes , spectacle tapes or jewelery- what celebrities and fashionistas wear on red carpets or share on Instagram with their fans is often sold out in a few days. The pieces are then hyped monthly, before the next trend part comes on the market.

This Is the Most Coveted Gem in the World 1
In addition, there are also classics, which are always searched and bought without which much attention is given to them. A recent study by the jewelery company Karus Chains reveals which jewelery is most often geographed. After that it is above all the classic pieces, after which women search online.

This Is the Most Coveted Gem in the World 2

In place of the most sought after piece of jewelry in the world: the”Love Bracelet” by Cartier.According to Fashionruling,  what makes the bracelet so unique? It is a very special proof of love and is especially happy as an alternative to the engagement ring given away. The jewel consists of two halves, which are fixed with a screw on the wrist. Open and remove the bracelet then only with a suitable mini screwdriver. The Love collection by Cartier already exists 1969. According to the study monthly it is 353,840 times googled.

This Is the Most Coveted Gem in the World 3
In comparison, the second most popular engagement ring in the world- the”Tiffany Setting” by Tiffany&Co. with approximately 85,000 Google search queries. In place 3 and 4, the”Heart Necklace” from Tiffany&Co. with 61,030 search requests and the crystal earrings from Swarovski with 6,100 registered requests.