Theme Week Crowd Mixed Up

We are exactly 17 days from the start of the World Cup. I’m not that football fans, but short enough to fix reason to meet with friends.Hence, this weekend, I was going to Market here in São Paulo and, passing there by March 25, I came across a lot of shops selling green and yellow props to fans more engaged. And, in these, I started thinking to myself here: I do not own a shirt from the selection. I don’t see much reason to buy one because it would be a piece of clothing with less frequency of use of all the my locker.

Well. Was this whole story that was born the idea of making a week inspired by the colors of the flag, but in a less obvious way. No running shorts and t-shirt selection. The idea here is to incorporate the colors of Brazil in everyday life, with things that we already have in the closet, maintaining the positive thinking and twisted spirit, but without losing the elegance,.

That’s how the week CROWD. A week with looks for several occasions, created to send a lot of positive vibes pro Brazil, but running away from the obvious and without giving up the personality in looks.

So let’s start?

The truth is that our flag facilitates the story to be fan and fashion at the same time because she has various colors. However, are colors that we don’t usually see together fashionable (perhaps exactly because we think they too refer to the flag). For this challenge, I thought using the colors individually would be too easy. Then, I made a rule that all looks would combine at least two colors of the flag.

That being said, here’s the look of today. I decided to start with the green flag because I think he is the color most brazilian of all the ones on the flag. To match the Green, chose the blue. The trick in the look of today was to choose a blue piece that hadn’t been waaaaay blue. I ended up opting for a longuete skirt that sits halfway between the gray and blue. O How did:

I found the super nice contrast between the two pieces. Exactly as I wanted.

In addition to her skirt, I chose an ankle boot of hairs all Navy Blue (ok, the picture you can’t see that she is blue, but I assure you it is, post pictures of close tomorrow to prove).

According to Maternityetchic, how would skirt a little pro gray, decided to bet on accessories that were going in that direction as well, as the belt super clean and super silver necklace.