The Ternds You Avoid According to Askmen

The online mag Askmen listed  here and here, the trends  the faux pas fashion of the year. And according to the mag, the trends are these here:

Varnish-on shoes, belts, clothing parts and details of the same. If you want a vernizinho in the wardrobe, bet on the utility belt, and use it with basic, neutral and discrete parts. Otherwise, pass by them. And pants (and even of shirt) is leather that should be considered for rockstars, since mere mortals or even modeletes… not a chance. Which I agree, absolutely.

Style 80 years-which this year presents itself in the form of skinny jeans worn with  oversized  jackets squared. Well, just for the record: any link with 80 years worth at least a  red flag alert .

Metal-let it shine only the cufflinks, watches or jewelry, but other than that, metal items, even in the form of shoes or sneakers do not usually work just as well for men from the point of SocietyPically. Actually, IMHO, gives up to bet on tennis or suddenly a blazer only are  shiny  to enjoy the status of IN these parts. Now, said that will depend on the man whether or not work and in fact, for most it’s going to be kind of  erie!

Long sweaters-they may even look more comfortable, but they will give a dress look and no sweater and I think dress is not quite an item that the guys out there want to include in their  repertoire , or is it? Besides, wearing something like a blazer on top requires that the sweater does not go beyond the limits of what the blazer determines… it only makes it more difficult to execute in a more eclectic way.

Fur-even in the details. It’s a dangerous item for a man to wear. It just does not get legal  usually . Beyond that is PI (politically incorrect) and a danger, literally being used around.

Satin-blazers, satiny, shiny suits are another danger. They can get  tacky  easily . And when poorly executed… disaster in sight. Beyond that, they end up  pretty soon.

Neon-in fact neon colors are not the most generous to most people, to the man who is not necessarily a color enthusiast so… If you want to bet, bet on something well away from the face like pants or shorts or a sneaker if you want to experiment.

Futuristic sunglasses-if you want to face this, bet a cheap and only sporty. Dressy wayNo way!

And the story of part one ends something like this: “It can be kind of hard to say a resounding No! for some  trends , especially when everyone out there is using it. But the powerful and true style lies in knowing what  suits you, what works or not for you from what is going on  around you and having the exact notion of items that are momentary trendinites and that will not last longer than the season in which it is in force, whether they are  faux pas  or simply the kind that are dated soon. Always keep these things in mind to get away from these ” fashion traps“Or else, to fall into temptation with parsimony and clinical eye to use them with due wisdom. Because only wearing what is IN without filter, just to be in tune with the times can be something of extreme bad taste, because it may denote that your clothes are not a reflection of who you are or even worse, it may reveal that you do not from a follower of trends and consequently from a  fashion disaster out of control.”

Now, that does not mean that you should limit yourself to the good old classics, always. Adding here and there one piece or another (or even a few more) each season with the tone of the moment can do wonders for your unprinted wardrobe “sold” on them. Just know how to filter the  fashion infos  for your universe, that is, for your taste, style and silhouette.

I’ve talked here and there about these things, but it never hurts to repeat something that in fact is essential to understand, absorb and practice.