The Tennis Bracelet – New Diamond Jewelery at 123gold

New – Tennis bracelets at 123gold!

What is a tennis bracelet?

A tennis bracelet is an extravagant, dreamlike piece of jewelery, which attracts a lot of attention.

The bracelet consists of a series of individually grasped diamonds, which are connected by moving precious metal elements.

A decently attached lock supports the even “flow” of the diamonds around the bracelet – hence the original name of the jewelery, Rivière bracelet.

Here it goes directly to our tennis armbands!


Tennis bracelets at 123gold

The 123gold tennis bracelets are available in yellow gold 750/- and white gold 750/- with varying sizes, sparkling diamonds of the highest quality – in tw, vs (fine white with very small inclusions) or in river lupenrein (r, if).

From 1 carat to a legendary 10 carats, our tennis bracelets are all there!

The sparkling jewelery can also be perfectly combined with our diamond rings , earrings and necklaces .

The tennis bracelets of 123gold have a standard length of 19 cm.

However, in the case of a goldsmith, individual links of the bracelet can be removed for an optimal fit.

The perfect jewelery for the special occasion – if not necessarily for a Tennismatch …

But why tennis armband?

Chris Evert 2015. She has remained faithful to diamond jewelery …
By Eurosport [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
The unusual name of the all-round diamond-studded bracelet is attributed to the US top sportsman Chris Evert, who came to the US Open with a diamond bracelet in 1987. She decided to wear a diamond-studded Rivière bracelet as a jewel during a Tennismatch, which was custom-made for her. Still, she lost it during the game and asked the referee to pause the game.

To the surprise of the audience he gave Chris Evert their desire and interrupted the match until the precious jewelery was rediscovered.

After this event came a boom in the sales figures for the Rivière bracelet – and the term tennis bracelet was born!