The Power of the Stones on the Look

One of the things I want pro UASZ in 2017 is to make this site a space to more people can express their opinions and share their learnings. So, I spent the last month talking with people who I think could add new information here. People who have other things to add to these discussions about fashion and world I on their own wouldn’t be able to bring to you.

So, from now on, you’re going to see even more people writing here. In addition to our already dear collaborators ever (Hi girls of Signature style, Hi Crystal Muniz beautiful UASL, Hi Ju Battery of Wearable Library), new faces will appear whenever you want to contribute. The first is my Homegirl, sister buddy, amazing advertising professional and one of the most spiritual people I know. Héloïse Lima, or Helo, is light, lightning, stars and moonlight.And will share with us tips to bring a lot of good energy for life. Starting with the new year’s look. So, without further ADO, I give you the Helo.

It’s been a while since the accessories with crystals and stones come gaining space in looks and know the meaning of each makes it more interesting. Myself, as a witch of the modern world, I have a small collection of these accessories to match the mood of each day.

At the turn of the year many care about the colors of clothes and lingerie, but the truth is that a well thought out Crystal accessory can be a nice extra little help to get on their vibration 2017 projections. By the way, how are your projects?

In many parts of the world the Reveilon is a party that’s up elegantly in black is a color that is associated with power, if that is in your plans, you can combine with stones of success as rutilated quartz, Tiger’s eye and Pyrite (fool’s gold).

I particularly short the vibe the turn seven-ripples-Yemanjá-walk-on-sand and, therefore, take care to ensure the look accessories with a stone for every desire, within the common sense, of course, you don’t have to go around dressed in the dresser.

Use accessories with precious stones in rings, bracelets and necklaces, next to the chakras and the hands that bring the movement, but if you want the earrings also apply. I’m going through but for new year’s Eve anklets are discarded from my look because I can represent any stagnation (for you may have another meaning, right now everything that is represented to you account).

The important thing at the time of the turn is moving to correct your energy “ritual” (whatever it is) and keep your mental balance with all. Another example: I love anchors, love all, but at that time also would not use because I have the same meaning, anchoring can bring stagnation and I really want is 1 2017 with a lot of movement, huh guys?

To move all energy must be in line with what you want. With that in mind, let’s the other examples that can help you get in 2017 reaching what you want?

Love: Rose Quartz, Malachite And Topaz

The Rose Quartz is undoubtedly the best known and used stone. If your are a heart-shaped yet, you’re on the right track.
Best used in chains near the heart chakra, which is at breast height.

Another alternative is the beautiful malachite, a green stone. It’s harder to find in Accessories but can use at home too, decoration.
The Topaz is also a stone of love and luck too, always nice to have both, isn’t it?

Prosperity, Money And Success: Citrine, Pyrite, Tiger’s Eye

Yes, we want a load of it all to go, please!
To achieve this combo of wealth, give preference for yellow stones.
I love the color of citrine, use enough, if I could dress me with him, is the stone of abundance.

Pyrite is a golden stone known as fool’s gold and is easy to find beautiful pieces in semi jewelry with them.
The Tiger’s eye is a stone that can not miss in my kit, I like her a lot, also works the protection.
For that vibe also use a piece of yellow gold, with money we don’t play, better guarantee on all sides.

Success: Rutilated Quartz
What I call a ring of important meetings, is a great stone for success and projection of thought.

Health: Green Quartz
The color of the Crystal is quite related to healing.

Joy: Sun Stone
Vitality works too.

Attraction: Granada
Will find the crush? This is the best tip I could give here today.

Transformation: Amethyst

If you are in want all new vibe, 2016 and want it to be over, then this is for you. If your year has been bad between in your “ritual” of the turn with this mindset. Amethyst is a stone with character of transmutation.

Protection: Black Tourmaline And Jet
The black stones help in protection.
In a night of projection and requests I don’t like using them, but if your year was upside down and you feel that needs protection and transformation, combine with the Amethyst as well.

When In Doubt: White Quartz
Balances, purifies and protects.
Lately I find many semi-precious lines with a beautiful white quartz, that can use at will.

If you are in the class of a lot of wealth, first, let’s be friends? Diamonds are powerful amplifiers, can be used for your wishes. Ruby brings vitality and motivation and the Sapphire is the stone of fidelity, look the tip!

Quick tips:
-on the purchase make sure is rock.
– Before use you can cleanse and energize your stone with this step-by-step: pass on tap (faucet), and allow it to dry what like to call a moon and a Sun in the window or next to it, a night and a morning (up to a maximum of half a day) to power. Or if you would like to be able to spend in the water with salt, I don’t recommend doing it on the yellow stones, mainly pyrite, with salt.
-If you have a piece of your preference and intends to use it for protection or any other purpose you can direct the Crystal, all time use it say and face “to bring protection or other purpose that decide, always in the positive.

Could not close this article without saying that the year will not be new if you are the same, have your vibration crystals but if you don’t plan and move around, they’re not going to do the miracle alone, isn’t it?
My master, Daniel Atalla says something that I take for me always says that “prayer’s action at the end”, make your plans, how to reach them, put your rocks and throw yourself in this ritual.