The Power Of The Crystals

Particularly, The Rock Crystal Is The Gemstone That I Most Admire. Is The Most Common Minerals, And May Be Present In All Rock Types. It Is Extremely Resistant To Weathering And Physical Wear And Tear Is The Last Mineral To Form In The Cooling Of Magma, Which Guarantees Greater Stability. Is One Of The Most Abundant Minerals On Earth And Has Always Been Known For Your Beauty, Healing And Increase Energy. Always Exerted A Profound Influence In Men And For Having A Perfect Molecular Arrangement And High-Frequency Electromagnetic Are Able To Change The Energy Of Who’s Around. The Greeks Considered The Crystal As The Third Eye Of The Earth And The Romans Used This Gem To Rituals Of Energy Of The Cosmos. In Ancient Times, It Was Thought That The Rock Crystal Or Quartz Crystal (For Being Part Of The Family Of Quartz), Was The Ice Formed By The Gods. The Crystals Have A Molecular Structure, Acting In The Mineral And Energy Balance Of Living Things. This Gem Is Used To Unlock And Rebalance Energies And Emotions, Relieving Negative Symptoms Or Outcrops Memories And Sensations Are Important For Personal Development.

Formation of quartz crystal

The power of the crystals

Yellow gold ring with Rose Quartz and Rutilated Quartz

The colors of the crystals vary according to natural irradiation in the deepest layers of the Earth (smoky quartz) or the influence of metals on your composition (Titanium in Rose Quartz or iron in citrus and Amethyst). Rock crystal is colorless and translucent and for your perfect transparency, after polished, visually resembles diamond. Rutilated quartz crystal, for your time, presents in your interior, small inclusions of rutile needles (these vary in red, black or yellow-gold), forming a mosaic of symmetric beams.

The crystals found in nature are characteristic the structure (substance). Unlike amorphous substances like plastics and glass. When it comes to Crystal glass, crystal chandelier and Crystal vase, for example, what you’re describing is a high quality glass that contains high percentage of lead oxide for more brightness. The resemblance to the colorless rock crystals, these adornments home are called, but are objects that do not have crystal structure and Yes, amorphous.

The usefulness of the crystals

Formerly, the Crystal was extensively used in the manufacture of decorative items such as decorations, amulets and was also used in the chakras (centers of strengththat distribute the energies necessary to life and which provides the growth of human psychic faculties). The chakras can be developed for respiratory techniques, fluidics energy activation or by the use of crystals. Nowadays, quartz is widely usedin the automotive industry, military, computer science, construction, electrical, metallurgical, chemical, telecommunications and watchmaking. The matte or transparentCrystal and quartz colored also gained status and are widely used in commercial jeweler. Can be cut to any size and shape: cabochon cutting, baguette, Emerald cutor bright; polished or surrounded by gold and diamonds, crystals have conquered the market, jewelry prices and won became a consolidated trend and ascendant.We can say that the jewelry made with this gem, definitely invaded the fashion universe of jewelry stores and both the woman took off as the traditional woman.

HStern Noble Gold Bracelet with rock crystal

HStern Noble Gold Bracelet with rock crystal


The discovery of the properties of quartz for the measurement of time with absolute precision opened the doors to the era of watchmaking. Quartz perfectly cut intoblades, faceted and completed with electrodes, when subjected to an electric current vibrates with such stability (causing the clockwise motion), which acts as a regulatory instrument, only being surpassed in accuracy by the atomic clock. Currently synthetic quartz crystals used in watches. Another curiosity is the basis of the Golden Palm award at Cannes is of rock crystal.