The Power Of Gemstones

I Love Talking About Precious Stones. This Is Not My First Text On The Subject And Certainly Won’t Be The Last. Since The Beginning Of Human History, The Gems Were Considered Valuable, Especially For Your Symbolic Value, Your Purity, Durability, Beauty And Mysticism. As I Said On This Blog, Already In Ancient Times The Precious Stones Were Used As Symbols Of Wealth, Status And Protection, In The Form Of Amulets. Withthe Passage Of Time And The Evolution Of Civilization, The Variety Of Minerals Exploited By Humans Was Increasing, As Well As Your Organized Marketing. The Most Precious Is The Result Of Minerals That Formed In Varied Conditions In The Interior Of The Earth. These Stones, Once Cut, May Have Several Utilities, But Is Mainly Used In The Creation Of Jewelry And Accessories, Which Have Great Prestige And Commercial Value. You Are Curious About The Power Of The Gems? Then I’m Going To Talk About Some Of Them, Highlighting Your Symbologies, Varieties And Related Beliefs.

Assorted Gems

Facts About Gems


Also known as “Fire stones”; According to ancient peoples, brings protection, friendship, justice and vitality. Develops the courage, sincerity and self-confidence. It is excellent to combat anxiety, passing a lot of peace and well-being. Are commonly used as pendants or amulets that protect from envy and disease. The ancient Romans believed that the ring-shaped agates could offer them wealth and power.


Indicates success, luck, beauty, protection, motivation, sexuality and love. Some of its properties is to awaken the joy of living, and helps in the treatment of cutaneous and muscular diseases. Among the Arab people, the amber was used as an amulet to ward off evil spirits and give joy.


Brings peace and spirituality. Is the stone most often used in meditation, eliminatestress, inspires healing, intuition, and for centuries was considered a remedy against drunkenness. The Greeks believed that Amethyst had the power to turn the bad thoughts in positive and optimistic, in addition to protecting the person who worefalse friendships. Its color varies from pale bluish violet to deep violet. The most prized color is intense with violet reddish tones. Known for encouraging celibacy, was also used as ornaments in churches in the middle ages. Symbolizes the deep love, happiness and wealth.

Sea Water

Its color varies from greenish blue to blue. Large crystals of sea water can be found in nature, enabling a variety of stoning and sizes. Legend has it that the sea water is the treasure of mermaids, the talisman of sailors and sea travellers. Also had the conviction that, when a bride to be presented by the groom with a sea water on their wedding day, their souls would be together forever; so, it was believed thatit was a rock of extreme sensitivity. The Romans believed that this gemstone healing stomach pains, liver and throat and bringing harmony to the wedding, the courage, the wisdom and the musical talent.


Beryl ring

Beryl ring

Stimulates and increases the power of attraction of the opposite sex, gives sense of joy and drives the eroticism. The Romans lapidavam Beryl

to serve in glasses improving vision of those who watched the fights of the Gladiators. It is said that the Emperor Nero had this type of glasses.


Indicates prosperity, motivation, self esteem, attracts the ability to earn money and inspires professional success. Features a variation of colors ranging from light yellow to orange-red and orange-brown. It is also said that citrus AIDS digestion, helps in the Elimination of toxins from the body, acts on the immune system and in the regeneration of tissues. As the story goes, people ancient Romans used this stone to protect themselves from bad inspected.


Is the stone of unconditional love, reliability and fidelity. For the physical treatmentrejuvenating effect on the skin, and helps in curing infections. The most valuable color is intense green and transparent. Reportedly, this stone serves as protection for those who are traveling; brings success, intellect, inventive and skill in writing. In Egypt, Cleopatra enfeitava many emeralds because he believed in them was the eternal beauty of Venus.


Indicates sexuality and passion. Increases the desires, emotions, vitality, creativity, boldness and courage. It is said that the grenade may reveal what’s hidden. Is beneficial in case of depression and melancholy. Features a large variety of colors, except blue; the most traditional and best known is the red one. The Legends claim that the grenades help in curing skin diseases and which are the