The Nude Look

To be beautiful is the desire of every woman.Unfortunately, eyebrows, rednesses and skin impurities make a dash for us.But with the nude look it is now possible to look with makeup without makeup.Madness, right?This invisible make-up is especially suitable for everyday life, to always look beautiful and well-groomed.In the following, I will show you step by step how to make your Nude look look like and which jewelry fits the nude look.

1. How do I make the nude look?

Step 1: The Concealer

The basis for the nude look is a regular complexion.Small pimples, wrinkles and irregularities in the skin image can easily be corrected with a concealer.However, the concealer can be used sparingly, since the skin looks too “clogged”.It is best to use some concealer under the eyes, on the nostrils against red spots and under the mouth.

The Concealer should choose a shade brighter than your Foundation.

Step 2: Apply the Foundation

Now put on a foundation that resembles your skin tone.Take care to always apply the foundation from the inside to the outside.This way you avoid unpleasant transitions at the ear and neck.

To underline your face contours, you can model them with a slightly darker foundation.Hide the foundation foundation and the darker foundation with a make-up sponge.

Tip: For a regular complexion, you should regularly peel your skin, so as to free them from old skin cells and irregularities.

Step 3: Seal with powder

To seal your make-up and last longer, you should use a brush or tassel to apply a powder in your skin tone.Contains the powder above all in the T-Zone of nose and forehead, because these are the places that tend to the gloss.

However, be careful not to use too much powder as your face looks too pudgy and does not look natural.A good alternative is the use of transparent powder.

Step 4: Bring freshness with rouge

The use of Cremerouge is particularly suitable for a natural apple-baking effect.This is particularly easy to take with the fingertips and incorporate into the skin.

For a light skin tone you should use a rouge in a rosé tone.If you have a tanned or olive-colored skin is suitable for you an apricot.

With Rouge, the facial contours can be modeled and visually “patched”.The rouge should be applied differently for each facial shape (see illustration).

Step 5: The eye make-up

Step 5: The eye make-up

For the nude look, the eyes are subtly stressed.It is best to use an eyeshadow in gold or rose tones to visually enlarge the eye and retain the natural look.

For a great eye-opening the lashes up and down vigorously.Make sure, however, that your eyelashes are neatly separated with an eyelash tint and avoid clumping.

Step 6: Perfect with lipstick

The finish of the nude look is the putting on of the lips.Contains a shimmering lipstick in a rosé or an earth tone.

For a perfect nude look you can also dab your lips with some foundation and then apply a lip care for a great glow.Pure naturalness!

2. What jewelry can I combine to make a nude look?

Suitable for your make-up in the nude look is especially jewelry in rose, beige and gold tones, as these nuances of the naturalness perfectly flatter.Pearl earrings and hoops fit wonderfully to this un-energized look.

You can also use the Nude look to put glamorous XXL jewelery perfectly into the scene.Pompous chains and earrings come into their own with the discreet make-up.