The looks of the Golden Globes verso

As no one has come to reinvent the wheel in the looks of this edition of the Golden Globes and didn’t have anything super different from the expected, just record some trends and some good times seen by there. For example, the vest with or without bow tie was present. By the way, I loved the version of Idris Elba who razed in blue. Other trends to register: the Velvet jacket, simple buttoning jacket and more substantial and deep lapels with the bow tie. Yes, there was the long tie chose who. What super Valley. This takes the record superfinas used with miniature collar ties and such.

Kudos to Jared Leto silk scarf that gave all a charm to the look.

And speaking of scarves… as what counts in this outfit are the details… I decided to show you some looks in details. About Aaron Paul… the look he used in Golden Globes was this black on the right, I think, and not the one on the left. But wanted to register this two lapel tones he used don’t know where because I thought it worth the record as an option to diferentar the tuxedo. Black with white on the look of Mr. Paul can see the detail of the tuxedo shirt with pleats centralized. On the look of Tom Hanks, the dark buttons and cufflinks rocking.

And as accessory option we had both tie fasteners as hankies plus bow ties in another tone outside the expected black. Actually I just saw this this dude who happens to be a reporter if I’m not mistaken, but I thought it was so cute that I registered. And more moldurinhas on the lapel and tie under the collar. I’m still deciding if I like it or not… hehehe

Oh, and beards or cavanhaques super well done also good presence in this first major red carpet of the year.