The Engagement Ring

The classic engagement ring
The Boucléjacke of Chanel, the buckle pumps by Roger Vivier, the engagement ring of Tiffany. He’s silver-colored with a diamond on it, the man would say. It comes in a turquoise box, therefore, complements the woman. Where does this catchy picture come from? Charles Lewis Tiffany, the American jeweller and co-founder of Tiffany & Co., made it 1886 to the task of launching the Solitaire ring as an engagement ring, i.e. a ring with a single, enthroned diamond in brilliant polish. He let him sparkle and stand up with the then new 6 Krappenfassung maximum. And thus created a trend that continues to this day.

Tiffany dusted the image of the engagement ring, which was still considered a receipt for a dowry. From now on, the ring, the singularity of the elect and the common love should symbolize.
This tradition celebrates 2016 with the ring “Tiffany setting” 130-year anniversary.
Love Proof:How does “man” find the right ring?
In order for the man not to be left alone with the decision about the engagement ring, the sly woman puts in time a broken up magazine with a red circled Tiffany display on the stair stage. The man then best takes the next step towards the jewelry box, where he removes a ring finder ring of the woman either for the jeweller as a ring size template or he makes of the ring an imprint in kneading. This is the best way to meet the exact ring finger size and make sure that the ring fits the engagement too advised by thesciencetutor.
Left or right hand?
The engagement ring is traditionally placed on the ring finger of the left hand in all countries, and in some countries it is encased in marriage: from the left ring finger to the right. Today, engagement and wedding are happily brought together, and then on the right hand.
Even then, in the 19th century, there was the desired gift in the so-called “blue Box”. The first AHA experience has always been this turquoise box of Tiffany & Co., which has the greatest recognition value among all jewelry boxes. “The Tiffany setting is the best-selling engagement ring worldwide,” confirms Gitta Gräfin Lambsdorff, managing director at Tiffany & Co. for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and eastern Europe.
Today there are numerous variants of the Tiffany engagement ring…
Love proof in the USA and Germany differently weighted
The Solitaire sparkling gift is considered a love proof. Although this evidence is weighted differently in the USA and in Germany: “In America, 1.0 carats are the minimum size and at the same time the classic, whereas in Germany the best-selling diamond size is 0.5 carats,” white Gitta Countess Lambsdorff.
The ring is regarded as flattering and is intended to lull the recipient into safety – depending on the diamond quality (fair manner in relation to the assets) this feeling of security can be quite materially justified.
In order for such a diamond gift to come along without a guilty conscience, Tiffany & Co. guarantees its customers not to offer blood diamonds. The company buys its diamonds exclusively in countries that are full participants of the “Kimberley Process Certification Scheme” – This control system has been specially built to prevent the trade in blood diamonds.
Which wedding ring fits the classic engagement rings?
Ideally, engagement rings and wedding ring will fit perfectly together later, when the freshly baked wife wears both rings on one finger. For this purpose, the Solitaire ring in combination with a band has proven to be a wedding (see picture below). Band is made of 18 carats of gold with Diamonds at Tiffany & Co. from 1850 euros and are also a gift that many women like to do themselves, for example after a successful business deal. In the Tiffany app you can now also upload a photo of his hand and try the different rings.