The Art Of Stone-Jewelry

As We Know, There Are Many Different Types Of Jewelry, Ranging From Model Withoutstones, Highlighting Especially The Design And Metal, Even Those Jewels Encrustedwith Stones Or Inlay In Various Stoning. Stone Is One Of The Complementary Processes Of Finishing Of The Jewel, And Is Exactly On The Various Types Of Stone That Exist Today That We Will Address In This Text. For This Process To Run, It Is Necessary That The Play Is Ready, That Is, With The Metal Format Already Set. But What Is The Spiking Ofa Precious Stone Or Gem? It’s A Very Old Technique Of Setting Gems In Gem That Comes To Evolve With The Emergence Of New Stoning. The Gem, Lapidary And Your Own Design Of The Jewel, Will Determine Which Technique Is More Appropriate. It Is Very Important That The Pneumatic Spike Driver Knows Very Well The Properties Of Gems(Mainly Your Fragility) For The Right Choice Of The Type Of Pile Driving, Avoiding Cracks In The Stone. The Luminosity Of The Gem Is Also A Very Important Detail To Be Considered, For The Entrance To Light In Stone Sets The Good Result Of The Jewel. So The Professional Can Perform A Good Job, Own Tools Are Required, A Well-Lit Bench Besides A Lot Of Precision And Practice This Technique.

Tools used for Spiking of gems

For the spiking process is well executed, are used specific tools that need to be prepared and sharp for each type of work.



With different shapes and sizes, these tools are very important in the process of driving. Serves for cutting, chipping, embed, raise Granites, besides being very usedon stone metal. It is important to sharpen the cutters when necessary to obtain a perfect job. Its size must conform to the size of the hand of the professional who will operate it and must also be comfortable, thus giving greater firmness to work.

Stick of Gum

It’s a support that the pneumatic spike driver uses to give firmness and prevent damage to the metal due to strains of other tools in use. This tool consists of a piece of broomstick or any wooden cylinder and on your end a shellac melted for the play involved. The important thing is that the piece be well-protected. To fix or remove the piece of gum, you should heat the gum with help of a lamp.


The art of Stone

Tool that serves to give claws and granite finish forming a rounded effect.

Pushers (or honing tools all)

This tool serves to acalcar the stone into the hole, giving pressure. There are various models of pushers.


The art of stone-the jewels

Tool that AIDS in English and driving is also used to make textures. After the yolk to be put in place, the hammer is used to move the metal on the stone. Its use requires care to avoid damaging the egg yolks.

Rubbers to Finish

After the stone has been carved, must give a finish with erasers, fine sandpaper orfiles on the site of the stone, taking great care to not touch the tool in the bud anddamage.

Types of stone Jewelry

Spiking with claws

The art of stone-the jewels

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The yolk is attached through the claws (or grifas). The amount of claws depends on the size and shape of the gem, and can vary from four, five or six claws. This technique of stone was created to highlight more rock than metal, because the clawsare evenly spaced, the stone is more discovery and high from the base of the jewel, allowing the passage of light through the gem and valuing your maximum brightness.

Pile driving or Rail Rack

The art of stone-the jewels

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The gems are placed on a rail with parallel walls and fixed in the grooves made in the inner part of this trail. The stone enters the Groove and the metal is placed on it to secure it and protect it.

Spiking tension or pressure

The art of stone-the jewels

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The gem is fixed by means of tension that the metal exerts on it. The metal used should not be too malleable, otherwise, you will not be able to exert the required pressure. In this technique, two furrows are made in inner side so that the yolk canbe docked.

Spiking English Girl

This technique is a variation of the stone. The yolk is placed over a hole in the plate and fixed by the metal is pushed throughout your outline with proper tools.

Spiking English

The art of stone-the jewels

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The gem is fixed by a metal hoop that exerts pressure across your back. This stone is widely used in cabochon stones (straight down), plates and faceted stones.%C