Tattoo Jewelry for San Valentin

You think you have seen everything, or almost, until suddenly discovers another way to show the couple that she is unique. And suddenly, joined the jewelry and the tattoos temporary. And the combination, placed at strategic points in the body… seems to me to be very suggestive.

For example, the image that you have in the header. They are the hearts of Gold or Silver, with semi-precious stones that stick to your skin over a period of time. Shoulder, neck, a more hidden curve, the cleavage… perfect for equalizing and show your romanticism.

This image which I present now is a small neck collar, either at the front or back naked. And it seems perfect for a special night. They are two hearts of gold with stones lilac, or silver and hanging in red, to choose. The best thing, is that in 24 hours they sent you to House and to Valentine look amazing.

The Newd collection consists of several hanging tattoos more, to each of which most spectacular. There are pendants with pearls and crystals Swarovski that you are truly spectacular. Imagine being with your partner, take off your coat, a blouse with neck and a collar that is not where it appears, but there it is… This model with a single heart is my favorite. It is the Marilyn model and you can find it also in rose gold. And the best thing is water resistant…

This model is longer for a reason, is attached to the munecfrom the neck, or from the neckline, or a shoulder, even if just in case I break it, I think that it would unite the entire back… He is called Jane and you can choose various colors: Fuchsia, amethyst and peridot, mixing the gold and silver. So you can see the reusable which are, included 25 sticks anti allergen for skin, to take off and hit how many times you want. That Yes, your partner does not have why learn, simply enjoy a jewels that look me great for surprise on Valentine’s day.

There are other parts that are small hearts, for the neck or wrist, without hanging, for those women more discrete or that they prefer to take small parts in most intimate places, thing that feel me great for that day. With what you get you?