Tassel Jewelry for the Summer

Today there is again a new summer – jewelery with tassels!The past few years have focused mainly on statements, or even delicate jewelery.But this summer it will be wild & light with tassel jewelery.

What is tassel jewelry?

A tassel (or tassel or tassel) is a kind of pendant which is composed of many small threads.A tassel is summed up and below gets the tassel volume.Most tassels simply consist of nylon cords or other threads (also wool).However, there are also variants with metal elements or small chains.

A tassel can hang on a long chain, be worn as an earring or worn as a pendant on bracelets.

Tassel jewelery in the Boho style

Jewelery with tassels can be found especially in the Bohemian or Hippie-style – the wild tassels can be colored or elegantly designed in metal.

Tassels can be used anywhere:on long chains, earrings or bracelets.For a festival, the tassel jewelery is the perfect choice, because the Boho style comes through the wild jewels to the right:

My styling tip:Combine a cheeky Jeansshort with fringes or a long dress with casual boots – a small vest with fringes fits to super.Finally a casual necklace with colorful tassels and matching earrings – a couple of colorful wrapping bracelets and finished your boho look 🙂

Styling tip: jewelry with tassels for the everyday look

You can wear tassel jewelery not only for the festival, but also in everyday life.While you can relax at the festival something, you should make the everyday look a bit quieter.A necklace with tassel or tassel earrings spice up so many basic outfit.Wear a simple jeans and a plain top with cute sandals and a selected tassel with a tassel according to educationvv.

‘How do you like the tassel jewelery?