Summer Full Of Color With Jewelry Lica Vincenzi

The hottest season of the year is approaching and with it all summer color trends revealed in the weeks deserves of sets around the world. 14-15 season, the vibrant hues of yellow, Orange, purple and blue gain the streets, but the smoother also has your place in the delicate palette as pink, lilac, grey and green.

To give even more grace and lightness to the looks, the jewelry designer Lica Vincenzi tone gold and stones combines in various formats and compositions to develop his pieces, which transmit charm and sophistication to customers of the brand. Impressive earrings, bracelets and rings has the power to transform a simple production into something special.

“Summer combines with color and jewelry also accompany the trends. To complement the choice of clothes, indico stones like emeralds, morganitas, tanzanitas and Topaz, which bring brightness and complement prints, which are also on the rise in the period “ends Lica.

The jewels of Lica Vincenzi are known for their quality and differentiated design, which in addition to print the personality, also enable the participation of clients in the design of the jewelry, choosing combination of stones and preferred formats.

About Lica Vincenzi

Active in jewelry market since 2010 and training, Catholic publicist turned into profession your passion for jewelry. The designer has the brand Lica Vincenzi, which produces unique jewelry and also offers a job which will according to the desire of each client, using noble materials and selected, and the Liquinha, exclusively for babies and children. To offer a high quality work, Lica is formed as jewelry designer and collects design courses and Gemology, in addition to being associated with the AJESP – Association of Jewelers of the State of São Paulo in Brazil.