Springlook: Jewelry, Sunglasses and Accessories in Neon Colors

Neon colors have been an integral part of the fashion world for a number of years. At first they were still considered as an unnecessary attempt to resuscitate the 80s, but they have now become established and can be combined very elegantly. Especially in the summer neon colors spread good mood and look fresh and cheerful. This year, this trend has now finally arrived in the jewelry industry!

Bracelets in neon colors

Neon wristbands are often made of yarn or cords in bright colors that are wrapped around chains, for example, to form a color contrast in silver or gold.Also neon colored beads are gladly processed in bracelets, either individually, to set accents or as a complete pearl bracelet.A further variant are made of plastic bracelets, usually one-color, which can be combined with each other, so that you can carry several neon colors at the same time on the arm.If that is too much neon at the same time, it can also reach a simpler brace, which is filled with stones in a bright color.

In the case of wrist watches, too, you do not have to do without neon colors.Here, the trend is usually implemented either in the dial or on the watch band and combined with precious metals such as silver or gold.

Necklaces and rings matching the neon trend

For chains this year, neon colored plastic or glass stones are often combined with sparkling rhinestones, but the use of yarn and cord is quite common.Also the concrete and porcelain trend is gladly taken up here, in which a large geometrically shaped pendant in these materials is combined with a neon colored cord.Often Neon chains are only limited to a neon color, whereas Neon bracelets are often used to combine several colors.Otherwise, of course, the pendant can also be neon colored and the necklace can be held in less bright colors.

Also on rings the neon trend does not pass this year.For example, you often see rings with a stone frame in bright neon colors.

How to combine neon jewelery?

Neon jewelery can be combined with plain clothes in white, gray or beige, for example a simple white T-shirt or a loose beige blouse. So you bring the jewelery beautifully to the light and do not reach too deeply into the 80s-box. It is important that the jewelry is the star of the outfit and does not distract the clothes too much. In the evening and at night, the jewelery can also be worn as a little black. In the club, there may be a bit of glitter on the clothing, for example, a sequined seam.
If the neon jewelry is not enough yet, the nails can also be painted in a neon color, but the rest of the outfit should be really simple according to militarynous.com.

For whichever option you decide, Neon jewelry is the trend in the summer of 2015 and an absolute eye-catcher!