Spring: Jewelry Trend in Rose Gold

Now, as we hope to move slowly in the direction of spring and warm temperatures, our mood increases.At last we are not always permanently in the thickest winterclothes rumrennen, we can now already dream of it.And so finally comes all the beautiful jewelery which we wear.Straight bracelets had to hide too often.We must change that now.For example with our jewelery of the week.

Jewelry Trend in Rose Gold 1

Elegant pearl jewelery for ladies

Again and again one hears that every woman should have at least one piece of jewelery that is equipped with pearls. No wonder, because pearls are and were one of the classics in the jewelery sector. Today, however, they are no longer only used for festive or upmarket events, but can also be combined with casual looks.

Jewelry Trend in Rose Gold 3
With this beaded bracelet everything works perfectly. It is not necessarily a pearl bracelet in the classical sense. No here precious metal is combined with pearls. The result is a delicate bracelet that flatters every woman.
This clever combination is made from the usual pearl jewelery, is much more relaxed.And it can be worn both individually, as well as together with other bracelets.If you want to combine it, I recommend you armchairs, which include the delicate rosé (red gold) and the chilling effects of freshwater pearls.At best, the bracelets are then as delicate and filigree.So the pretty pearls stand in the foreground and do not have to pay attention.

Trend-conscious combination:jewelry in rose and with beads on schmuckladen.de

Jewelry Trend in Rose Gold 2

This pearl bracelet shows how a combination of pearls and rose gold/red gold can work harmoniously. Just Rosé is one of the trend colors for jewelery in 2015. It is ideal for weddings and festive occasions, but also sets the standard in everyday life. Who has not yet been interested in pearls and has wanted more exciting elements should definitely keep an eye on this Bracelet throw. This is how pearl jewelery can be reinterpreted.
The delicate bracelet itself consists of 925 sterling silver and is red gold plated.Highlight are 4 differently shaped freshwater pearls, which are held in cream and rose tones.The colors of the pearls are easy to chime and offer (according to light incidence) a changed coloring game.Overall, the bracelet is approx. 19 cm long, with a carabiner hook it can be easily and securely close.

And what do you think?Can our jewelery of the week capture your heart?