Sort Mode for the Tie

My grandfather is 90 years old and belong to the old school. Just as tough today as he was hard for fifty years ago. He was born during the first world war, was raised in the second and has lived his life with jerkin’ uppkavlad and hands deep in the soil. As a farmer, he was sweating from sunrise to sunset six days a week. On the seventh day, he tried to keep free from work and the dirt. With polished shoes, suit, shirt and tie, he took my grandmother the forearm to saunter along the city’s streets. As impractical as it would have been to plow the field in dress shoes, as obviously it was for him to dress impeccably when the farm no longer chained him by the durable clothes. An attitude he shared with his generation.

Take a turn on the town on Sunday and counting ties you see. Depending on where you are, the result, of course, vary, but I will be surprised if you need more than the hand’s five fingers to keep tabs on them. The tie is a piece of clothing that the median man virar ru the NT neck to work nine to five, or when he will walk down the altar time. When he took his last breath, it happens that some friendly soul does his v mundane departure little more stylish with the help of a tie. Otherwise it is a garment that makes him feel more dressed up than dressed up.

Since the 1870 ‘s when the tie took today’s form has been a natural part of the mannliga closet. From the Welsh Princes to Italian playboys via American Presidents, all of them have had the tie to be tonsättande in the clothing selection. But today the tie a quite paradoxical existence. With the service side swelled has created more jobs that require tie and neckties are sold like never before, at the same time, there are few who choose to dress up the outside of the job, and significance of the Abot marginalized is free to choose what to wear o SS.

It still has not stopped every subculture from making his interpretation of slipsbärandet. The median man might hesitate, but the people around him have in various ways made the tie to her. With the help of the recent resurgence of preppykulturen have the tie now a golden mode to turn on a broad front. All that is required for it to be moved from utklädningslådan back to the closet is, after all, more people start using the tie. Another thing that speaks for the tie is that we are in a period of transition where the size, pattern, colour and form are no longer as tightly regulated by the trends. The toksmala the tie has released a time for most people and in the void as the left it says you are free to choose what you think is neat. In the september issue of American GQ brings, among other things, the increasingly popular hybrids between rep tie and scholary club tie. Think of it as a tip and nothing else.

A third reason for blow mode spelled Thom Browne. He has already cut the length of your pants with a couple of centimeters, and soon he is going to get you to buy a tie bar. And so again do the tie as tonsättande as indispensable, for what do you with a clip if you don’t have a tie?