Solitaire Ring Collections from Edenly

The choice of the appropriate finger ring remains intimate and private, although the piece is then visible adorn on the ring finger. This apparent contradiction can be loosened up: just more than a thousand words rings. For centuries, they carry important information as engagement rings, as a status symbol or a wedding ring and are thus firmly anchored in our society.

Solitaire Ring Collections from Edenly
The Solitaire gold or pink gold, this plays a special role. Here a single diamond in a special version derives stressed – hence the name, from the French “solitaire” for Maverick. However, this supposed Maverick merge lovers for generations, they find, but engagement rings chosen as lovingly encourage usage.

Exceptionally beautiful specimens of these rings can be found in the current collection of the online jewelry provider Edenly. Simple and timeless, they are the precious stone in the Center. They decorate the hand of the woman who wears them – and not vice versa. Edenly is working with noble versions which vary from ring to ring, but always glamour add an unobtrusive icing, without applying too thick.

The model of “Orion” is made of white gold. The diamond, which is attached between the beginning and end of the ring model version, connects two curved lines drawn life lines and take the Crown their togetherness. In combination with a gold necklace, he sets his wearer discreetly in the spotlight.

The “Empire” is again a ring for eternity – a potential heirloom that will wander through the generations. All 19 diamonds processed in the White Gold version sits in its Center a larger diamond. The result shows through his extravagant beauty, because the design has been kept deliberately classic, to steal the show, not the sparkle of the stones. Cheap gold earrings fit perfectly, as long as they are not too conspicuous.