Schmuckes Statement: Statement Chain from Lesvar

After a romantic get-together with us recently, there is once again a real crash as a piece of jewelry of the day.Bang!Yes, because the chain that I would like to introduce to you today really has it in itself.It sets in a number of ways an absolutely ingenious statement.Read on and see how that goes.

Must Have for Autumn:Statement Chain Malani

With Must Haves, this is now such a thing.For one does not want to be dictated to what is to be carried and what is not.So we just push this statement chain into the category “super tip of the best friend”.I wanted to write “well-intentioned”, but the title sometimes says the exact opposite.;) But I tell you, with this chain you can receive the autumn duly.We had a few cold days behind us.Let’s make the best of it and make a statement.The necklace is impressive not only because of its size, but also its grace and above all its colors.It is rare to see such a nice combination of cool and warm colors.Here summery-tinted green and blue tones meet with the warm gold, which stands equally for the sunrays of the summer as well as the autumn.More massive golden limbs meet textile.The beads are individually attached to the limbs, so they sit firmly and still have a small range of movement.Tiny golden beads are the link between the bright blue Swarovski beads and the chain links.So overall, we have a connection, a statement that wants to set this chain between summer and autumn.

Incomparable autumn look with the Malani statement chain

The chain Malani is therefore the ideal jewel for the coming weeks.It combines colors and trends, relies on textile and metal.It consists, on the one hand, of a coarse link chain in gold tones, otherwise of a stable nylon ribbon and Swarovski crystals, this time in the form of these great pearls instead of the usual crystals.The chain links, by the way, are not made of gold, but of lustrous brass.

With this statement chain you bring color to your looks.Since she already has a small color scheme, you can orientate herself at the same time.So calm blue times and set golden accents.Of course only in the area of jewelery and fashion.And if it is very cool, then the chain Malani also carries super over the sweater.Wear a plain blouse with a collar over a thin sweater.The chain lays her under the collar and then let them flash out.A look that is really quickly implemented.Great, is not it?