Say Yes to the Dress Engagement Ring

Symbol of your commitment to one another, the engagement ring should be chosen with care. Solitaire diamond for traditionalists or gemstones for the most passionate, the engagement ring is available according to your desires…

The engagement ring: a tradition

Man offers an engagement ring to his bride as a token of his love and commitment which will normally result in a marriage. This tradition continues, even if engagement is not a legal as marriage act. This maybe sometimes the opportunity for two families to meet and for the couple to announce the wedding date if this is planned. It is also an opportunity for the man to give THE ring to his bride.

The origin of the engagement ring goes back to ancient Egypt, where she was already on the left ring finger. It is believed this finger is traversed a vein that goes directly to the heart. Thus, by putting a ring on this finger, it means that our heart belongs to the one who gave us the ring. At the time, these rings were made of steel, metal that symbolizes strength and eternity according to Relationshipsplus.

Engagement ring: the traditional diamond

The most common gemstone for a rest engagement ring Diamond. He is the supreme emblem of love because it is symbol of purity and eternity. At the time, we thought the diamond to encourage chastity before marriage, where his reputation for a long time, when it was important to remain virgins until marriage.
Caution: the stone must be chosen carefully because some diamonds are dull. More diamond is colorless, the higher its value, its color is determined by a letter from D (colourless) to Z.

Engagement ring: the other gemstones

Even if the diamond is very much in vogue, there are other gems you can choose for your engagement ring. The color of the stone of your ring is supposed to confer a special meaning in your engagement. Even more, the stones are responsible for vibrations that adapt to the personality of the one who wears…

Engagement ring: Sapphire
This gemstone is the most sold in the world; it evokes the sincerity, happiness and fidelity. It is rather intended for the great sentimental and even to the sensitive. This stone inspires peace, like the color of the sky or the sea. Sapphire the more expensive is the bright blue, but according to the composition chemical, the color comes and the price becomes more affordable, even if Sapphire is the least expensive of the precious stones.

Engagement ring: Ruby
Symbol of victory, love, happiness and passion, the Ruby has long reserved for men of power. Like all the stones, its value is appreciated based on its color. The must? The bright red called “pigeon blood red”. A ring for lovers so, but still very expensive.

Engagement ring: Emerald
This gemstone is known to symbolize hope, fertility, and financial well-being within the couple. More green is bright, the stone is precious. Emerald is the most sensitive of the stones, it is also the most difficult to cut, that’s why emeralds rings are often rectangular or octagonal in order to resist the shock. The legend says same Emerald breaks when adultery is committed. Not recommended for women too!

Finally, if your man did not find it necessary to offer you an engagement ring, know that the alliances is feminized more in adorning it with diamonds. So, find the ring exceptional two in one!