Royal Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

The wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton is there. So, how about we talk a little bit about the Royal engagement rings?

Even in ancient Rome, the promise rings were called anulus pronubus and were of iron. Only after 2 century DC is that went gold and gradually gained innovations such as inscriptions on the outside or inside, the format of a handshake, stones, drawings and carvings. Since the Romans the ring is used in the void of the left hand, where they believed spending the vena amoris, vein that ran straight to the heart. Oh! Were these Romans romantic, huh? The Greeks also believed that.

The nobility has gained engagement rings that can be of Sapphire, diamond, emeralds or rubies (click here to see a few). The first Diamond that has record was given to Mary, Duchess of Burgundy (1457-1482), by the Archduke Maximilian I of Habsburg, in 1477. More recently, the Crown Princess, who married in 1930, was of Emerald. The Queen Mother Elizabeth was of sapphires, like that of Lady Diana Spencer, a ring that now the Prince William forwarded to Kate Middleton.

According to weddingjust, different was the engagement ring of Queen Victoriain 1840. Had the snake format and featured emeralds. The snakes that swallow its own tail have always been a symbol of something that has no beginning or end, for eternity. In the case of the Covenant, symbol of eternal love. Why would esmeraldas? Is that at that time it was common to give an engagement ring with the birthstone of the month of birth. And, in the case of Queen Victoria, the birthstone of the month was the Emerald.

The cobra ring of Queen Victoria, they say, was designed by Prince Albert, with whom she would later marry – a rare thing among wealthy wedding royalty whose links were political and arranged between families. It is believed that she was wearing the ring when she was buried.

Was in the 19 century which began in England, the custom of giving an engagement ring and a second ring of marriage. In the Royal family, the second ring, a simple gold ring, began to be given only in 1923, with the marriage of the Queen Mother Elizabeth. And there was another tradition: her ring left a lump in the region of Wales. The same nugget used for the ring of gold of the current Queen, Elizabeth II, and all British princesses since then. In 1981, a new nugget was offered for future alliances, since the current is nearly at the end.

The current Queen, Elizabeth II, when she married in 1947, after the war, broke the tradition. Your engagement ring was refurbished from a diamond that belonged to the mother of Prince Philip, your husband, the Royal family of Greece and Denmark. In those years of poverty and reconstruction of the country, it didn’t make sense to spend on jewelry. In the picture below you see the ring of the Queen, with great central Diamond:

Prince William also “recycled”, giving Kate a ring that had already been the Lady Di engagement (the photo above, with a central Sapphire and diamonds in the surroundings). William justified it thus believed that your mother would be with them, sharing a happy moment.

Lady Di, by the way, won a bracelet of Emerald as a wedding gift from your husband, Prince Charles. I wonder if Kate will wear the wristband as well and other jewels of Diana? Let’s wait and see!