Pulserias Mix Is Part Of The New Look Of Eliza In The Novel Totally Awesome

Cielle jewelry won many fans for Brazil to keep real collections of bracelets, delicate parts that allow the mixing of colors and materials. The newest adept is Eliza, character of Marina Ruy Barbosa, protagonist of the novel totally awesome, Rede Globo. About to become the girl Totally D +, she initiates a phase with new looks and, in Chapter 12/03 day Saturday, already boasted in your arm a combination of bracelets, all Cielle brand, that will be part of your current wardrobe.

“The character takes more safe and more modern, without losing the charm of the shy girl. The subtlety of the jewels Cielle collaborates to this characterization, because they are delicate, but with strong identity,”explains Celine Kalifa, founder and designer of the brand.

Eliza Bracelets Mix

Following the trend, the costume designers of the station opted for a set of bracelets that merges multiple collections with different colors and styles. The pieces chosen were:

Knot bracelet-925 solid sterling silver with 18 k gold bath-R $485.00 each

Wishes bracelet Screws-Silver 925-R $115.00 each

Follow Your Heart bracelet-gold-plated 18 k-R $145.00 each

Arrow bracelet-sterling silver solid 925-R $220.00 each

Lock bracelet-gold 18 k-R $135.00 each

About Cielle

Cielle is a brand of silver jewelry, precious metals and natural stones of inspiration and French delicacy. However, to create the strong and unique brand identity, Celine Kalifa, designer and founder, sought in the warmth and good humor Brazilians the elements that make your jewellery attract looks and compliments where to pass. Are bracelets, rings, necklaces and pendants with contemporary, casual and urban design. Each jewel is developed with the intention of conveying a message and help the people who use them to express your style.