Plus Size Necklace

More than an accessory, more than a jewel, more of an ornament. Today the necklace is a kind of extension of the plus size woman, one of those accessories that become essential, and that everyone, but really all they possess. Regardless of the use made of it, everybody has a minimum and maximum … an unknown number.

It is also a unisex jewelry and one of the few that is used indistinctly by men and women on each occasion, unlike for example the ring, which is always present on the hands of a woman, but not those of a man, who interprets it as an essential accessory. The necklace is often present, probably because it is suitable for all occasions, and never out of tune, especially if the preference turns on thin models, simple, light. With regard to the type of necklace … it’s appropriate to say that there are for everyone.

We refer this to women, because for boys the choice is more limited: gold, silver or rubber, or at best the beads in the summer season, but with a limited number of variations.

For plus size women, however you are having at least three parameters to be taken into account in the choice of necklace:

Necklace for Plus Size Women

  • Length
    The length parameter is variable depending on the type of work and type of pendant, but also fashion.Fashion in this industry is hyper-aware and is due to its suggestive if sometimes we wore plus size necklaces of hoticle clutching his neck (the collars) and other chains were coming up to life. Generally however the gold necklace is choker, or slightly more, as combined with small stones and delicate. The silver is more variable. Necklaces made of other materials, instead, follow the dictates of fashion of the moment and therefore can have lengths of all kinds.
  • Size
    The classic necklace is in the balance. But nothing prevents you from adding more, especially for the necklaces made with stones, which can be up to three or four rounds, growing even in length.
  • Color
    Yellow gold, white gold, silver and burnished silver clear: and this for metals. Then there are the straps, rubber, rope, wire, nylon, available in every color imaginable.