Peter Carl Faberge Easter Eggs

An amazing artist who surprised with his Easter egg, will surprise you if you love to be surprised! Here’s to you Peter Carl Faberge. “Play-artiamo”!

Dear young Masters of Art, Easter has come and with pleasure I present the Russian artist Peter Carl Fabergé famous for its splendid Easter eggs of surprises containing precious.

I assure you that I am not exaggerating.

The beautiful sculptures of Fabergé are still real shining jewels and surprises included inside them, are small sculptures created with precious materials.

At this point I think you might call to admire even your mothers, grandmothers, aunts, friends, neighbors because you know that, in the words of a famous song of the movie star Marilyn Monroe: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”.

Joking aside, everyone can understand the wonder of these refined creations and very difficult to achieve!

They were so cleverly designed by our friend Faberge, so that they could contain and protect the surprises from economic value, without causing you scheggiassero or worse that you broke!

Who created chores handmade can understand how much concentration and precision requires work on a round, smooth surface on which to paste decorations or create etchings or drawings, or more! It ‘a complex challenge, right? And you have made ​​of decorated eggsto school?

I hope you were as good as Faberge, who in 1885 was invited to the court of Emperor Alexander III of Russia, to be able to create his famous eggs undisturbed to give then the Empress Maria Fyodorovna.

Warning: These eggs were not connected only to the pleasure of the sense of wealth. The funny egg in many cultures for centuries represents the birth, life and purity. The artist himself in 1914 in an interview said: “The valuables have little interest for me if their value is derived primarily from the profusion (the other number) of diamonds and pearls.” He pointed to the sophistication of the design, the forms, to a measured elegance and the correct implementation to highlight the value and richness of the beauty of life!

Finally, you know that the emperors did not know what they would find in the egg of Fabergé? Just like you, after having discarded and opened gently ta-tan!

I have heard: “They may be some of you are beautiful eggs, but not being chocolate, what were lost!!!”. I agree!!