Personalized Jewelry with Names and Messages

Oops, now we have already December, Christmas is approaching me giant steps and all are looking for gifts for all their loved ones. I’m not sure if it’s true.If you do not have any idea or want to give something that has a personal touch, then go on. Because I would like to introduce you 3 jewels, which give a great individual Christmas gift.

1. Gift tip: necklace with the wish text of Lesvar

This necklace is really a very charming gift. If you want to make shining eyes under the Christmas tree, you have to access here. The delicate ball chain is equipped with a round pendant that reflects your personal message. Just give a short text, a message or a nice quotation, which you want to bring up. A Gesschenkidee, which nevertheless almost by itself for the own mother, grandma or best friend offers, does not you think also?

Next to the pendant, then, like a symbolic background to your loving message, a small, silver heart awaits you.Oh, have I already mentioned that you can even determine the length of the ball chain itself?So you have the choice, whether the chain should sit close to the neck or rather rather be held longer.

2. Gift tip: Bracelet with individual message

You’re not the kind of chain, do you prefer bracelets? Also good, because of course we have the the ideal solution. By the way, even by the same jewelery designer, which also makes the chain just mentioned: Lesvar.

This bracelet comes in a variety of colors, all of which have a small amulet in the middle that can be embellished with your individual message. This time, however, in a shorter version, in the form of names or a short group of words.


The bracelet comes in a universal size that you can customize.

3. Gift tip: Silver medallion

And finally, a piece of jewelery which is fundamentally different from the other two. For while chain and bracelet make the message visible to the outside, it keeps this medallion protected inside. What is inside, only sees who can see it. And in many cases this is only the bearer of the medallion itself. A piece of jewelery with a personal touch, which also has a mysterious effect.
My tip: If you give this or another medallion (we have as many beautiful on offer), then “hidden” inside a photo or a small message. So the surprise and joy of the recipient is once again so great.