Pearl Earrings

Among the jewelry, the pearl earrings are some of the most fascinating, the most appreciated by the young people as the city’s finest ladies. The market offers many models, leaving space also to high quality jewelery creations, to satisfy any request and allow you to wear a product among the most popular, whatever the current fashion.


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Birth of Pearls

The beads are different from all the other precious stones, for a varied number of reasons. First, they should not be worked or cut, since they are already naturally ready to be used in fine jewelry. So, it was never necessary to provide hone cutting techniques, as happens in the case of precious stones. In the case of pearls, the man rather it is endeavored to be able to play them through the cultivation of shellfish and not to leave to mere chance their creation.

The beads, in fact, are the biological product of a mollusk, which is subjected to a condition in itself abnormal. A natural pearl is formed in a completely random way, because of the penetration, within the mollusk, of a foreign body, be it a parasite, a fragment of the shell, a grain of sand or a special core designed by man to induce the nacre phenomenon. The animal, in the same moment in which it is penetrated by this foreign body, has a reaction which then lead to the development of pearl: creates calcium carbonate and Conchiolin that, arranged for concentric layers, give rise to the valuable product.

To date, it is very difficult to find on the market pearl earrings that are not cultivated, as the natural pearls and are handed down from generation to generation are kept jealously. Cultured pearls, however, do not differ from natural ones. The only, consists in not random production of the product, since it is the man to induce the nacre in animals.

Often, indeed, cultured pearls are considered more beautiful than natural, as the introduced nucleus is of a certain quality and stimulates a better job of nacre, also amplifying the beauty of the East (the iridescence Pearl). Even cultured pearls, however, are a rare commodity: a thousand obtained, only ten are really suitable for use in jewelry for creating earrings. A rarity so high that explains why their cost.