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At Bridgat, discover the special piece of jewelry for your arm! We carry only arm jewelry brand quality, we select with great care and taste. Many different styles and materials: whether classic with chain links made of silver, gold or stainless steel, in the form of frost, with high quality precious stones or made of fine leather – buy a precious jewelry accessory that underlines your uniqueness and adds something special to any outfit. Romantic playful or factual simple: for every taste, there’s something special at Bridgat. Free return shipping, and 30 day return policy make the shopping experience in the Bridgat online shop.

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Also modern arm jewelry has still a special charisma, because he draws attention to one of our most important parts of the body. A bracelet or bracelets usually adorns the wrist, the softest and most sensual point of our arms, and at the same time, the transition to the hands. This is the jewelry – whether simple or fanciful – at the same time, a product of the talent of our hands even. In this sense, a bracelet is doubly symbolic, and it is hardly surprising that the hunters and warriors of past were wearing it to protect as well as as an expression of its power. In our peaceful times emphasizes the jewelry for the arm in a special way the individuality of the wearer or the bearer. You buy wristbands suitable to the style of your dress and your personal taste. The selection of designer jewellery at Bridgat would like to meet these demands.

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Opt for a classic Bangle in modern design and 925 sterling silver with Zircons from the Esprit collection, for example. Or follow the trend of multiple entangled, fine structures made of genuine leather with elegant metal ornaments. The bracelets from Pilgrim are an expression of sublime simplicity that ensures amazement with refined details. From the leather strap to the ornament chain, you will find a wide selection of this brand at Bridgat.

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We provide also playful and classic versions of the bracelet. For example, the pieces by AIGNER show in classic materials such as gold, silver and precious stones. While their ornaments with A curved from the brand name acts surprisingly peppy. Teen and even a bit playful Act collections by s.Oliver JEWEL and TOM TAILOR JEWELS of fine silver and subtle details of precious stones. For those who like something colored, will fall for the colorful beads dreams of LEONARDO.

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What you decide: Bridgat give you time and peace for this. Can easily supply our jewellery pieces home and take time up to 30 days for your final choice.