Party Earrings

Party earrings are jewelry used in the ear for special occasions. There are models for different requirement, with a special touch in design to draw attention or complement the visual. They can be made of various materials and have some in the closet is important to ensure a look varied to a busy schedule.

There are so many models, that the question is no longer whether or not, because party earring sare well conquerors, but which take. The models are varied and the options are not as expensive as well. But to buy wisely, we have some tips for guiding at the time of purchase according to material and model. Check out the following.

Party Earrings Models and Their Uses

Follows some types of earrings of party via

  • Stone only-are small and bright, and may be a rock or minimal designs, butterflies, flowers and something short that does not exceed the earlobe. They are the most suitable when the clothes are soft and the hairs are short and short neck. Even though party earrings, can go from day to day if they are discreet in visual. They are very elegant and versatile and worth investing in several models.
  • Drop– has this name because it seems even a drop falling, great for someone who loves hanging earrings ring type. They are beautiful when form graphic designs inside. Indian models are a luxury and colorful. They are also indicated for those who will use a plain dress and loves graphics.
  • Hoop-who has neck too short or short hair must run of these models, considered casual. They are a good tip for guests, or who’s going to a party very elegant. By being a model too simple, brides and debutantes must run some of it for something more elaborate.
  • Nafete-graphic design with several stones is a great option for those who want to invest in jewelry with different design. Such earrings ask for long hair or at least shoulder height.
  • Fringe-hanging earrings are great for use with hair goes great. Run the coke with this earring. Short neck also doesn’t match.
  • Was cuff– covers the lobudo and an ear piece, great for those with extra long hair. They should be used in only one color in stone and metal. Too colorful is a jewel.

Party Earrings with Colored Stones

The use of stones and color

IDA in party earrings are enjoyed all year.

Timeless gems, and the more valuable the more stones earrings are for a while. It is a good indication for use in formal events and very chic, since coloured stones shine enough.

A tip to never miss the visual is wear earrings to colorful party with equal tone. Earrings with diamonds, white, neutral, and so go well with everything. Rubies are great with red or black clothes for being a neutral color and emerald with any outfit. Combine stones and tissue color party dress is a hint to avoid errors used by all of the most famous and noble to everyday women who love colorful earrings.