Pandora Spring Summer 2014 Collection

The collection of Pandora charms and bracelets pendants do-it-yourself with a unique meaning and valuable to express the personality of the wearer.

The Spring / Summer 2014 collection Pandora is characterized by colorful butterflies in muted tones and brand new custom charms.

Among the novelties of this line, there are floral fantasies rings, solitaire sterling silver from the colorful and vibrant stones, earrings pendant with necklaces and a wide range of sets in gold and rhinestones.

The dominant colors of this collection are purple and pink, with silver and gold detailing accompanied by pastel shades that characterize the brand and represented season.

Pandora is different from other jewelery maison for its unique charms, key features of all of the brand lines. There are over 600 charms in sterling silver and 14 karat gold, with butterflies, flowers, diamonds and patterns, which inserted into the wristband of the collections and mixed together, give style and personality to the jewel, making it unique and inimitable.

The reference materials they are glass, wood and enamel, with the possibility of creating two-tone metal, adorned with stones and cobbles.

The themes and their meanings of these sought-after accessories are:

– Love: with hearts in all forms and colors

– The alphabet and numbers: comprising all the letters and all the numbers to form dates of important events

– The nature and animals: with a wide range of possible combinations

– Flowers and butterflies: representing the distinctive theme of the brand and of the reference collection.

Prices start from 29 euro for more traditional charms that include letters and silver numbers, up to 119 euro for monochrome pendant in gold, and 249 euro for pendants in two-tone gold, more particular and refined.

The bracelets on which to create these jewels do-it-yourselfers are in fabric and leather, and vary in color and design, with silver metal and gold.

Prices range from 29 Euros for the simple bracelet in black cloth with zip and sterling silver clip, up to 69 euro for the completely silver, and range between EUR 349 and EUR 1,499 for those more totally fine gold.

Pandora with this collection is inspired by common symbols and meanings that, combined together, create a jewel characterized by strong uniqueness and preciousness.