Numbers on the Mismatch Trend: the New Anklet

I would not have stuck in my father’s skin when I wanted to have a golden anklet when his daughter, who was just coming to puberty. He did not flinch, but for him it was a catastrophe. I felt it. I might as well have asked if I could pull boots from club to club. Anklet are, for whatever reason, somewhat Anrüchigem. They seem so innocent!

Colorful Anklet
I got my anklet back then: a solid, 2 millimeter wide in gold. (where is that, anyway?) My father probably thought: if she’s living this out now, then she left it behind in a marriageable age and is good. He was supposed to keep it right.
Anklet by Rosantica (via
He certainly has no objection to this colourful anklet of Rosantica, which is just partly to be found in the Net-a-Porter-sale. It is also purely economical to welcome: I can pimp up my old sandals without having to invest in new sandals (from Aquazzura, for example). OK, the word “pimpen” I should not use in the conservation with it maybe.
I would have fulfilled the mismatch shoe trend (left differently than right). If you prefer symmetrical, please be nice:
Gold Chain
And who prefers it quite classic (tender and gold), for whom may the runway photos of Chloé for the summer 2016 be enough inspiration. There, filigree chain with small pendants like peace sign (below also in the shopping gallery) flashed to mostly colorful sandals.