New Bohemian: Playful Jewelery in the Style of the Seventies

Trends come and go and sometimes, you just do not come after them.Or you simply stick to a very specific trend, a very specific direction.Even if this is not a “trend” anymore.Such styles are distinguished by the fact that they are very wearable, have flattered us, and have settled with us.Such a trend in jewelry , which we certainly do not want to give for a long time, are flowers.They are now experiencing a revival in the course of the New Bohemian and the Seventies in 2015.

1. Necklace with flowers and flowers

Ok, right now is not much without flowers and flowers or, as the fashion industry always so beautifully says:floral elements. The designers do not quite agree with what this looks like. It can therefore be large flowers, many flowers, small flowers, single flowers, colorful flowers or monochrome flowers etc.
Better for us, because so we have the spoiled with the necklaces with flowers the torment of choice.Let us start with simple and elegant with the necklace “Single Flower” Andresgallardo.Delicately made of porcelain, it hangs on a gold link chain and is a real timeless It-Piece.The “Pom Pom Flower” necklace also comes from the same designer.Here it is just a whole bouquet of flowers from hand-painted porcelain, which enchants.The necklace “Winterblume” by Lesvar is a bit more delicate.Gold here strikes the bright shimmering violet of the crystal.Great also the fine structure, which can be seen on the petals.

2. Earrings in the style of the New Bohemian

Whether you prefer classic jewelery or something else, this style of Now Bohemian also comes with your earrings, explained by Lawfaqs.
The “Ohrhänger” flower is made of stainless steel. In the middle sparkles a small Swarovski crystal. All tone in tone, so it can be combined well. And, by the way, the flowers look as if drawn with a line, fine and delicate.
Also delicate are the earrings by aLLesausLiebe by milla k.Golden elements were combined with a turquoise and coral.And shaped to a beautiful rose.This look is great for those who love it romantically and are not averse to the vintage style.

3. Playful ring in flower design

The only thing missing is the matching ring. And because this is such a thing with rings, I introduce you here one of our configurable rings. Because at the ring “flower” is initially only the design given, material and stone (also the color) you can determine.
The fine structure of the flower is a real highlight and fits well with the flower and blossom trend of the spring of 2015. This ring also stands out from many other rings, because it is not only the stonework that sets here highlights.Creates a ring in golden or silver tone. It also likes dark stones such as smoke quartz or ruby.

So what are you waiting for?I think this floral and blossom trend of the New Bohemian is so wonderfully feminine that almost no woman is likely to follow do you see it?