More Than Precious Stones

Before We Get In This Fascinating And Colorful World Of Precious Stones, It Is Worth Remembering That All The Stones That Are Used For Jewelers, Embedded In A Piece Of Jewelry, Are Precious; From There, Stone “Semi-Precious” Should Not Be Further Used As A Proper Term. In Fact, These Rocks Are More Than Precious. Beyond Beauty, Variety Of Colors And Commercial Value, Each One Has Your Symbology, Curiosity Anda Story.

The gems are classified into families according to their physico-chemical characteristics and not by their colors. In this text we will talk only of the most used, because in this universe there are hundreds of them Gemological.

The weight (measured in Carat) precious stones is related directly with your hardness, i.e. with your scratch resistance. From the diverse density of minerals, was created a range of measures that put the diamond, as being the most dense or hardmineral found in nature. Remember that the fact that a stone be scratch-resistantdoesn’t mean she can’t be broken. Be very careful in time to save them so they do not come into direct contact with other higher hardness is very important becauseonly in this way can we prevent a rock scratch the other. Besides, if possible, wrapin tissue paper or soft tissue.


Ruby (Family Coríndons)

Despite Brazil being the cradle of the coloured stones, Ruby was never found here. This precious stone can vary your color from pink to deep red. Symbolizes love,passion and is also considered the stone of wisdom and intuition. Another curiosity is that grants health, long life and fight anemia.

Sapphire (Coríndons Family)

The best known is the color blue, but the most appreciated and rare Flower is called Cornflower (Corn Flower Blue), deep and velvety blue. This gemstone is considered “stone of contemplation” as it relaxes the mind and legend has it that a sapphire is able to attract children men.

Esmeralda (Family Beryl)

In addition to Colombia and South Africa, Brazil is among the largest producers. The most valuable color of this family is the intense green and transparent. Reportedly, this stone serves as protection for travelers. They say stay away from spells and witchcraft and symbolizes the unconditional love and trust. It is believed that green is the color of healing. In some countries in Africa and South America, this gemstone was very used to fight infections and in Ancient Greece was used to facilitatethe labor. The Emerald was the favorite gem of Cleopatra, who believed in your rejuvenating effect.

Aquamarine (Beryl)

We can say with great pride that Brazil is the largest producer of this gemstone. The aquamarine varies your blue-green color to the intense blue, which is most appreciated. Known as the stone of the sailors and travelers, as it brought good luck.They also say that ensures happy marriages, protect newborns and that facilitates communication, because it is related to the throat chakra.

Imperial Topaz (Topaz)

In Ouro Preto, Brazil’s historical region M.G. Empire, is the only place in the worldwhere this gem is found. Belonging to the family of the Topaz, the most appreciated tones range from yellow to red, resembling the colors of sunset, they say that the brightness of this precious stone so rare and valuable strengthens the intellectand gives courage to the people who use them.

Tourmaline (Tourmaline Family)

Is the gemstone that has more variety of colors in nature, being the best-known green. Within this wide range of colors, we can highlight tourmaline parahyba, which is the most valuable, rare and only found in the State of Paraíba; the bicolor, which features two colors the same stone; the black, which is often used as a talisman against envy and negative energies and several others with your particular beauty. In the 18th century, in Europe, was widely used to remove pipe still warm ashes, becoming known as “magnetic ashes”. Tourmaline is also considered to be the stoneof the sellers, protector of the artistic class and that stimulates creativity.

Earrings with diamonds and HStern crystal.

Earrings with diamonds and HStern crystal.

Beauty and fashion

As stated earlier, the quantity of minerals found in nature that are used in trade jeweler is very extensive and is the object of great curiosity. I want to give exclusive space in other texts for some gems that I greatly appreciate and who also deserve to be addressed by your importance.

We still talk a lot of citrine, amethyst and rock crystal. Nor can we fail to mention the grenade, tanzanite, Alexandrite, Peridot, turquoise and the sun stone, among many other gemstones that nature gave us.

Use jewelry on a daily basis, regardless of the occasion, ag