Menswear Trend: Männerschmuck

If you think of men’s jewelry, you might think of metal rings, maybe coarse bangles and certainly also cuff buttons. Examples of gentlemen who wear a lot of jewelry like the two in the Streetstyle pictures below are rather rare.

But that could now change:For now fashion is turning into men’s jewellery. Thanks to the new femininity in the Menswear and the gender bender styling, it is becoming increasingly interesting in the jewellery displays of the men’s outfit. I even want to say that the boutiques have to put on larger showcases. Because with discreet and simple designs alone, it is no longer done. The new jewelry for men is large, striking and sometimes even sparkling.
The new men’s necklaces and necklaces
The Halskettten has the most momentum inside. The designers let their creativity run wild: Balmain declined his conspicuous necklace with the more conspicuous fringe pendant in various colors, designer Agnes B. and the Parisian upcoming label Pigalle put on Ethnoschmuck, Stephanie Hahn of 22/4 Hommes uses the multifunctional necklace.According to, at Daks is experimented in shapes, sizes and number of chains and at the London label you get the man even a goiter tape laid around his neck – with jewels mind you. More discreet models are available from Dior Homme and Dsquared2.
Earrings, bracelets, key chains and other
The following examples prove that jewellery can be applied not only around the neck and on the fingers:at Topman, a multi-layered chain holds the jacket together, with Alexander McQueen there are earrings like from the fairy tale, with Balenciaga hanging chains from the trouser pocket, at Other end they are fixed to the belt. and J.W. Anderson sets the whole issue in the truest sense of the word the crown. There is a lot of new, amusing, but also just a lot of decorative things in men’s jewellery. Usual paths are abandoned. Design, shape and size are as innovative as they have been for years. Clearly, there is a lot of weird to see on the catwalk, but even these models are just inspiring – even for us women.
The fact is, however, that this trend is still very limited to fashion jewellery at the moment. The great jewellers have not really devoted themselves to the subject. and the furniture manufacturers? After all, the gentlemen now need jewelry boxes. The sale of mirrors could also increase. Quite apart from the fact that the conversation is redesigned at home in style before a party or an opera visit. He:”Darling, can you get me the chain cap in the back? Is my earring sitting? ” You:”Wait, I’ll be right there. You have to do more yoga, you can do it all by yourself. It’s all a matter of practice.”