Maternity Jewelry

We closely followed the trend in the course of the summer of 2012 when the beautiful Rihanna, real spotter IT, was proudly displayed maternity body chain on the Croisette. At the time, we had found it a bit avant-garde see too SWAG and we preferred to be satisfied with pregnancy bracelets and other “lucky charm” lucky.

Maternity Jewelry

But that was before!

This summer, hard to miss the trend! And above all, impossible not to succumb to it!

While waiting to adorn our beautiful tanned skin and accessorize our swimsuit with a body jewelry, we have chosen to wear a blouse and chic diaphanous silk worn with jeans for a rock look.

Or version ultra chic as for the look that we had designed for Mary Astrid on our last photo shoot.

This stylish pregnancy body jewelry is available  in gold or silver together with accessories on online store Bestaah.

The body chain is a strong piece, but can also be worn everyday. The ideal then is to accessorize with a good basic simple and casual that will enhance it.

As with a white tank top, a top a little loose or why not, by associating it with another trend of the moment, the bra, which can choose to wear with skirts, shorts or pants tall.

Because your opinion matters, feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments…

Recently, I realized that in several jewelry collections for maternity ( here , here , here  and here ), the body will still ultraprésente chain during the next season. Surprise that this accessory is not death with wreaths, I started to do research on how to wear this gem so refined and purified.
I have always found the harness super beautiful body, but I still hesitated to buy me, and this for one reason: I did not know if I have the opportunity to wear it. We will tell the real business, it’s a little bulky as many accessory. If you are blundering by nature, I would advise you to go with delicacy, because it is fragile these little business there.

Still, the body string SHOULD join my collection of accessories. She’s perfect, because you can wear with everything. It adds a little more to the simpler outfits, fits with all types of fabric and integrates into several trends. Just do well, be careful!

I suggest you to wear it in three ways:

With your sweaters

If you feel a little more yolo, you can also bring your swimsuit, your looks a little sport chic  or even your mixed printed. The possibilities are endless!