Maritime Jewelry

It is summer time and now you can see a lot of looks on the streets: whether pastel tones, minimalism or statement jewelery.A look that comes back every summer is the maritime style.This fits perfectly to the holiday feeling.But even if you can not relax by the sea, you can wear the maritime look super good.

Jewelry for the maritime look

The beauty of this summer look is that not necessarily new things need to be bought.For the sailor look are mainly gold jewelery and maritime motifs.Thus, simple gold chains or bracelets can be combined with a striped shirt and blue jeans to create a sailor look.Also accessories such as watches or cloths can make your look a little more maritime.With motifs such as anchors or even swallows (known motif of the sailors) on jewelery or accessories, you get closer to your sailor look.But we do not have to hang on with any motif from top to bottom – usually small accents are already sufficient.Like a chic watch in the blue-gold combination or a pair of ear plugs with small anchors.

Golden jewelery with blue accents for the sailor outfit

The most popular color combination for the sailor look is blue gold.Already a blue top and a dark blue jeans can be put right with golden jewelry.Thus, the marine look is also everyday.In addition, striped tops or even sweet dresses are wonderful for this style.However, the color combination can also be reflected in jewelery.Golden jewelery with blue accents – and the maritime look is almost finished.I find particularly beautiful, when this color combination in the jewelry reflects the whole body.So do not just choose a piece of jewelry, but for example great earrings and a bracelet.

Tattoo jewelry for the maritime look

Now I have something very special for you.Jewelry Tattoos are currently totally eh and we even have some in a maritime look.This necklace and bracelet are of the brand Batucada and are made of rubber.This tattoo jewelry can be used as often as you like according to GetZipCodes. And the motifs just make you want to “SEA” or?The black jewelery fits best to bright clothes and looks like real tattoos – only completely painless.