Make Your Hair Beautiful!

Hairbands are, I think, a really great invention!When doing sports, they tighten their hair and when they go out they put a super highlight in the hair.If you want to try to make a real unique, then I have found here a little tutorial how to make a cool braided hair band yourself.You need only a few things and a little bit of skill.

What do you need for a new hair band?

  • scissors
  • stretchy hair
  • Leather strap (length approx. 50 cm)
  • Knit (length approx. 50 cm)
  • Chain (length approx. 50 cm )

How do you make the braided hair band?

1.) First cut the leather cord and the knit in the colors of your choice with a scissors to the correct length.You will find this out by laying the leather band or the knit around the head and then pulling off this length a few centimeters.

2.) Take the hair gum and knot the chain as well as the knit and the leather tape in one place.

3.) Then you can begin to intertwine the three long ends carefully.

4.) If you have braided just before the end, then the ends of the leather cord, the knit and the chain knot back on the hairy rubber (opposite the first knot).

Now your hair is finished and depending on which necklace and colors you have chosen, it can look quite different.In any case, you now have a new Haaraccessoire that can accompany you through the day or even through the night.