Make One Thing … Three! Create Multi-Part Rings

Instead of a second ring, the three-part or multi-part rings can easily be configured with the Trauring Configurator. Each ring disk thus has its own individual design and fits into a pleasing overall picture. I now configure the original, one-piece ring of 123gold MyStyle to a three-part ring with altered stone trim and decorative snake joint.

Sample ring of 123gold MyStyle

Add slices

– Go to the Trauring Configurator
– Left menu: Distribution
– Insert another disc

– Select vertical separation
– If desired, reduce or reduce the disc by moving the separation

Change distribution

If I repeat the above process, I now have a triple ring.I can change the size of the washers either manually by moving the separation or set the split ratio automatically.When I select 1: 1: 1, all the rings have the same size and I get a ring with three equal parts.But also with the other division possibilities can be very interesting designs kreeiren – just try it!

Colors and surfaces

After I changed again to the overview, changed the color and surface of the three ring disks and deleted the original Steinbesatz, already clear differences to the initial design can be seen.The yellow gold ring with a hammered surface now passes through a white-gold, polished strip – the middle ring disc.With this I have something more …

Insert the separation joints

I add two double V-joints, one on the color separation, in order to frame the middle ring rail visually.

– Left menu:Joints
– Add grooving/milling
– Select Center Color Separation 1
– Repeat for color separation 2

Decorate with grout

An old friend – the close snake!It is suitable not only for form-color separations, but also as a wonderful decorative element.I add it to the middle of disk 2 (white gold).

Add and adjust the stone bead

The coronation of the ring design: the stone frame!In the Steinbibliothek I select 5 diamonds and fit them so that they are placed in the middle of the ring disk 2.

Finished!This ring also looks somehow festive.We wish all our readers a merry Christmas!

Trauring 123gold MyStyle yellow gold/white gold, with double V-joints and serpentine narrow, stones:5 diamonds.