Liali Dubai, Jewelry Dubaitis in Barcelona

Dubai It is one of the global gold markets: quotes, buying and selling. I never saw so much showcase filled with gold omo in the Gold Souq in the capital of the Arab Emirate: was a surfeit of gold.

That is why we are surprised to see the designs of Liali Dubai firm, company that is part of DUTCO Group, one of the Emirate’s biggest and most prestigious business groups: nothing to do with my preconceived idea of the jewellery Dubai.

Her jewels were launched in 1999 in Dubai but you don’t have to go there to see them (although any excuse is valid to travel to this city). Since 2005, Liali Dubai is represented in Barcelona in two points of sale: Pedralbes Centre shopping mall and jewelry of Carrer Mallorca Liali number 255.

They not only have its own collection but that they offer full service jewelry as custom designs, antique jewelry appraisals or redesign of that jewel that you already have, but want to give it a more modern air.

I especially like his work with diamonds and pearls though all the designs are exquisite. I had the opportunity to see his case exposed in the Luxury Market and I was rapt.

Although these parts are not available on their official website, I show his work in these photos more images Gallery. It is already on my list of visits when you have time to go to Barcelona.

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