Joy of the Exquisite, Babelsberg and Argentine Design

In the section “The Lady-Tip” we present you small pieces from the Internet, exhibitions, promotions, books or shops.An enyclopedia of the exquisite, the 100th birthday of the Babelsberg film studio and UnderOurSky – an online shop for very special jewelery and accessories from Argentina.

Joy of the Exquisite, Babelsberg and Argentine Design 1

Reingelesen:Joy of the exquisite

From “Joy of the Exquisite” is the subtitle of the encyclopedia of the exquisite by Jessica Kerwin Jenkins.But behind this title is not the luxury, but rather the many great and small pleasures of life.From “sweet idleness” to “love letters” to “being outside”, the Vogue author has summarized her own personal treasures and preferences and formed cultural-historical miniatures, enriched with anecdotes and highly knowledgeable.A book, which is not only for the content, but also because of the beautiful presentation always gladly at hand.The encyclopaedia of the exquisite you get for 22.90 euros with Ars Vivendi.

Joy of the Exquisite, Babelsberg and Argentine Design 2

Watched:Filmstudios Babelsberg

Babelsberg is the oldest Großatelier film studio in the world and Germany’s largest film studio. With Metropolis or Marlene Dietrich as The Blue Angel, important works of film history were filmed here. But also in recent years, Hollywood has always been a guest:The Bourne conspiracy, Operation Walküre – The Stauffenberg assassination or the Schlink film adaptation The Vorleser were realized in Potsdam.This year, the dream factory celebrates its 100th birthday.At the 62nd Berlinale in the special series Happy Birthday, Studio Babelsberg , ten films are shown showing the history of the studio.In addition, an anniversary book titled 100 Years Studio Babelsberg will be released .

Joy of the Exquisite, Babelsberg and Argentine Design 3

Reingeklickt:The finest in Argentina

According to, in the online shop Under Our Sky you will find special jewelery such as bracelet and finest accessories from Argentine designers.The shop was founded in 2011 by the Argentinian Sofía Sanchez Barrenechea. For years, she has traveled the world, has lived in different parts of the world, and has always been asked where she has acquired her marvelous jewelry or grand poncho.She could answer with pleasure every time:”It’s from Argentina.”In Under Our Sky, she wants to support Argentinian talents and show the world what she has discovered under her skies:many of the jewelery are made from Alpaca.This has nothing to do with the wool of the alpaca camel but is a typical Argentine copper alloy with nickel and zinc.In addition, you will find a knife made of horn, bronze and mother-of-pearl clutches, weekender of cowhide or argentinian merino wool scarves.