John Galliano Spring Summer 2015 Inspiration

Themes provided by the jungle to regain the fashion industry: this is the mission of the Spring Summer 2015 collection presented by John Galliano at Paris Fashion Week.

What better place than a catwalk to present the basic idea with which they will conquer the stage in the fashion world? For John Galliano the theme of this Spring-Summer 2015 collection is the jungle.

The wild woman of John Galliano

Not only women dressed texture sauvage but also necklaces that look like totems, almost to characterize the person from its innermost quality and accompany her, then, in life. After all, it is easy to review a cardboard so loved by girls: Pocahontas, with obvious metropolitan adjustments. The John Galliano woman is a little ‘wild, intensely full and energetic, lush plant nourished by the sunlight, tropical and fresh, spirited and roaring.

Resume the fashion scene with a theme: the jungle

John Galliano is back in top form after several positive little backstory on its way from the designer. Verdi interesting, in various shades, dresses made attractive by the wild prints undergrowth as well as sophisticated geometries and targeted to give movement and volume.

long and short dresses, wedges and African necklaces

Long dress a little ‘large alternate with other dresses in version short and the bon ton cut.Cross, however, and in all the long and short solutions, uses a savage mood and giunglesco. Fur coats, jackets and giubbottini enrich the collection along with wedges and necklaces inAfrican style.

It’s immediately summer

John Galliano, this spring summer collection 2015, wants to regain the crown. In his beingwild and tropical style as John Galliano, the fashion show in Paris, he loved, must be recognized the power to project, with great impact in the next and already awaited warm weather.
The versatility of the long and loose clothing allows you to imagine this outfits declined in the morning as in the evening, without itself being affected in any way glamorous effect.