Jewelry Trend for the Summer: Minimalistic Jewelry

Statement jewelery can be seen in every high-gloss magazine and every street corner.Striking and bangling.For all those who are not absolutely stuck in statuary jewelery or are just terrible for the eye-catching jewelry , I have good news.There is also an opposite trend:the minimalistic jewelery.

What is minimalistic jewelry?

The word minimalist describes the new jewelery trend quite well.Delicate rings without a lot of bling bing and without a lot of enticement may now adorn our fingers.Minimalistic jewelry is usually very straightforward and geometric.But there are not only rings , but also earrings, for example.These usually have only small, delicate forms, which are not noticeable at all at the ear.There are also necklaces in the minimalist design.Many designers, such as Pernille Corydon, focus on unobtrusive jewelry.

Minimalistic jewelry combine

But how to combine the new jewelery trend?Actually, there are no limits.You can combine minimalist as well as with other styles.The filigree jewels are also suitable for example as knuckle rings or you combine a lot of narrow bracelets to an armparty. Of course you can do this on the finger.If you do not want to wear so much jewelry, the minimalistic jewelry is ideal for that.The subtle jewelery does not attract much attention, but still decorate your outfit.It is especially good to wear these jewelery for casual looks, but also sporty outfits can be combined with the minimalistic jewelery.

Now it’s your turn!Combine and try!