Jewelry Packaging: 3 Packaging Ideas for Christmas

Have you all together, I mean gifts, of course?What did you think?Good, then we move today still a step forward.Because honestly, gifts need a nice packaging.You can give the best jewelery, without packaging is only half as beautiful.Who now says that we are only concerned with outward appearances, let us first see how much love sometimes comes in such a beautiful gift packaging.Here are some ideas for how to pack your jewelery for Christmas.

1. DIY Jewelry Packing:Pack chain in organza bag

According to granthamguides, jewelry must be packed for Christmas, point! This is really much easier in most cases than you think. And so my first tip is implemented quickly and easily. You only need an organza bag, a little cotton or angelshaar and a chain (also works with a bracelet or a ring). The organza bag is laid with a little cotton, then you drapiert the chain and binds the sack too. Who likes strews a few glitter stars with it.
It is nice to have a self-made name badge or monogram attached to your organza bag.

2. DIY Jewelry Packing:Bracelet in air mail

This tip is good if you want to pack your jewelery for Christmas, but also send it by post. For this you need an air cushion cover, of course a bracelet, a card and glittering scattering foil or confetti. Write a few lovely words on the card, put it in the envelope, then the bracelet inside and now a lot of glittering scattering. Good adhesion, then awaits the recipient when opening his Christmas mail a shining surprise.
Works naturally also with other jewels, only too small they should not be.

3. DIY Jewelry Packing:Packing jewelry in the Christmas tree ball

The last tip is a very romantic and at the same time decantative suggestion of how to pack your jewelery at Christmas. For this you need a transparent Christmas tree ball made of glass and felxiblen jewelery, such as a filigree chain or a few small ear plugs . And maybe some tinsel in gold or silver.
Carefully remove the pendant from the glass ball and place a few tinsel threads into the ball (is not a must). Then put the chain or the o-rings in and place the ball trailer back up.
The ball can then be hung on the Christmas tree, perhaps even more effectively decorated with a red or gold ribbon.Or beautiful draping in a box.A successful jewelery package with a surprise effect, do not you think?