Jewelry Made of Brass

Jewelery is nowadays made of many materials – often the word “brass jewelery” is heard.Many can not really imagine what brass is and whether brass jewelry is high-quality or not.In this little article, I would like to inform you about the most important facts about brass jewelry.

At the beginning it can be said that brass in its color is very versatile and therefore is used for fashion jewelry.There are brass jewelery in a silverberg as well as in bronze and gold tones.Also on we have a variety of jewelry, which are processed with brass.

What is brass made of?

Brass is not a specific metal, but only a collective name for copper alloys with zinc as a partner.As a rule brass consists of 55-90% copper and 10-45% zinc.However, there are also many other compositions of brass with other metals.

In addition, the brass can also be gold-plated or silver-plated, which in turn increases the value and looks like gold and silver jewelery.

Why is brass jewelry going on?

Our jewelry is exposed day by day to air, sweat and moisture.Especially due to the brass contained in brass, brass jewelery tends to oxidise quickly.This creates the so-called patina – a greenish layer on the jewelery.This discolouration is found not only on the jewelery directly, but also skin and clothing can turn greenish.

However, the greenish or dark coloration is not harmful to health – it looks a bit unattractive or leaves wonderful green prints on our skin: P

Clean the brass jewelery

The best precaution is to always keep the brass jewelery dry and clean so that the oxidation process is delayed or prevented.

Brass jewelery is easy to clean with simple household appliances.The simplest trick is toothpaste – just grab an old toothbrush and gently clean your jewelry.

Another home for cleaning brass is a self-contained paste of vinegar, flour and salt.Simply stir together, rub in, allow to dry (about 1 hour) and then wash off and rub dry.

Is brass jewelery high quality?

Brass is a popular material for fashion jewelry, since, unlike gold and silver, it is not one of the precious metals and is cheaper.

Brass has an antique look and darkens with time.For some jewelery pieces, this antique design fits perfectly, others are annoyed when their jewelry gets dark spots after some time.Especially popular is brass jewelery in a gold tone, since this at the beginning looks like real gold jewelery.Without gilding or silver plating, the brass unfortunately turns color after a short time.With simple home remedies, however, this discoloration can be eliminated quickly.

A good alternative is the gilding or silver plating of brass.Thus the jewelery still remain affordable, but are more robust and more noble due to the refinement.